Andy Cohen hired security for the RHONJ reunion amid fears over Luis Ruelas and Joe Gorga

RHONJ stars Luis Ruelas and Joe Gorga.
Joe Gorga and Luis Ruelas had a heated face off at the reunion. Pic credit: Bravo

The Real Housewives of New Jersey cast weren’t the only ones prepped and ready for the reunion, everyone behind the scenes had their ducks in a row as well.

One element that had to be included this time around was security, and that’s because of two particular cast members, Joe Gorga, and Luis Ruelas.

Andy Cohen shared that little nugget of information during a recent interview.

The Bravo executive and RHONJ reunion host reasoned that out of concern for what could happen between the feuding brothers-in-law, they made sure to hire security.

That makes perfect sense, given how explosive things have gotten in the long-standing family feud between Teresa Giudice, and Joe and Melissa Gorga.

Things have only gotten worse since Luis joined the family, and they came to a head during the finale party when Melissa blasted Luis and Teresa for calling a secret meeting with Joe to tell him about an alleged affair.

At one point, things got so heated that Joe, who saw Luis shouting at his wife, had to be held back, while another cast member also prevented Luis from charging at Joe.

After all that, are you shocked that the production team took extra precautions at the Season 13 reunion?

Security was hired for the Season 13 reunion because of Joe Gorga and Luis Ruelas

Andy was a recent guest on Let’s Talk Off Camera with Kelly Ripa, and he shared a bit of information about the highly anticipated RHONJ reunion.

“We only just started having security. We don’t have security at most reunions, at some we do. Always at Jersey,” he revealed.

He continued, “This year at Jersey I was very concerned that Luis and Joe Gorga were going to get into it, and I went to both of them several times and said, ‘I beg you to stay in your seat, I beg you’ I was so nervous.”

However, Andy confessed that despite his pleading for the men to remain seated during their face-off at the reunion, “They didn’t.”

Andy Cohen says RHONJ is at a crossroads amid Teresa Giudice’s feud with the Gorgas

The Bravo boss also talked about the future of the RHONJ franchise, given that the feud between Teresa and the Gorgas has put production in a precarious position.

Teresa wants Melissa off the show and told her as much during part one of the reunion. She has made it clear that she no longer wants to film with her brother and sister-in-law seemingly giving an ultimatum.

That never bodes well for Housewives, but let’s wait and see if Teresa will win this war.

Meanwhile, Andy admitted, “We’re at a crossroads with Jersey, and there are several options.”

As for what those options are, he didn’t say, but we know one thing, a major change is needed for Season 14.

Part 2 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion airs Tuesday, June 6 at 8/7c on Bravo.

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Chloe sullivan
Chloe sullivan
1 year ago

Theresa needs to go! Period! She’s a cancer to the show and plays the same ole story line!

Please BRAVO, Get rid of that old felon lying corrupt immoral imbecile Theresa PLEEEEEASE!