Andrew Kenton tries to explain away mom’s insult for Amira Lollysa after claims of racism

Andrew Kenton and his mother
Andrew Kenton apologized for his mother Lori’s disparaging remarks on Amira Lollysa’s Instagram snap. Pic credit @andrewkenton/Instagram

90 Day Fiance star Andrew Kenton tried to explain away his mother Lori’s insults towards his former love Amira Lollysa after claims of racism surfaced regarding her remark.

Lori commented on a photograph of Amira who posed in a skintight brown Ivy Park outfit from Adidas, originally posted on February 27.

In the caption, Amira claimed Beyonce’s clothing collection was “fire,” using an emoji to express her feelings. She wrote that nobody was perfect and that filters, photoshop, and using Face Tune made her feel ugly at the end of the day.

Amira wrote that everyone was beautiful in their own unique way and to feel insecure was to feel humble.

Many fans appeared to love the image where the reality television star posed in front of a light-colored wall.

However, Andrew’s mom Lori didn’t like the image and shared her comment about Amira’s post.

Lori’s harsh words for Amira

“You look like [an] ugly piece of mud that is [rubbed] all over the wall. Just like your personality and morals,” Lori wrote in a deleted comment as reported by Screen Rant.

Mother and son issued a comment to Screen Rant about the post, referring to the comment as “incredibly clumsy” and said that Amira was “obviously a beautiful woman.”

Andrew reportedly asked his mother to remove the comment once it went live.

Andrew addressed his mother’s post regarding Amira’s brown outfit

andrew kenton
Andrew Kenton addressed his mother’s post regarding Amira’s outfit. Pic credit: @andrewkenton/Instagram

The children’s book author addressed his mother’s post regarding Amira’s brown-toned outfit.

“The claims of racism are understandable as there is plenty of room for confusion in her bumbled approach, but in all honesty, the comment was about Amira’s mud-colored wardrobe, even still, it was clumsy and inappropriate,” he said to Screen Rant.

He also said that the comment about his former love was due to his mother’s exasperation with the way Andrew was portrayed on the TLC series.

“My mother was speaking from frustration. In this entire process she has not had an honest voice,” he said. “We’ve been turned into characters and the true story has been fictionalized to our detriment and at our expense,” he claimed. 

The daycare center owner believed he would get the chance to address Amira in the same room during the 90 Day Fiance Tell-All special. She chose to appear via video chat.

Andrew claimed Amira not participating with him in the room made no sense. He believed in order to get to the root of their breakup, they should have been able to be on the screen at the same time. Producers explained they had to respect Amira’s wishes, which led to Andrew walking off the set.

90 Day Fiance is currently on hiatus.

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