Andrew has already spoken out about his ‘dorky’ 90 Day Fiance edit, says Mexico loophole was not his idea

Andrew has gotten a taste of TLC editing. Pic Credit: TLC

Newbie Andrew is already getting a taste of TLC’s famous ‘frankenbiting’ editing style.

Andrew and his girlfriend Amira made their debut as one of the newest couples on the latest season of 90 Day Fiance.

Newbies to the franchise, the journey will show the Californian bringing his future wife over from France amid the global pandemic.

Her visa was issued in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic

When local online dating failed for Andrew, he decided to take a chance on an international website.

Once the couple sent a few messages, they were hooked and didn’t stop talking.

After meeting in Vegas, Andrew ended the trip by getting on one knee and proposing to his French girlfriend.

Although the couple was excited to plan their future together, a newly issued travel ban was looking to thwart their plans.

With the time on her K-1 visa running out, their only option, if they are going to make this visa work, is traveling during a global pandemic.

He sees the box that the show is trying to put him in

On an Instagram post, the 90 Day Fiance newbie wrote, “It seems as if they’re going to try very hard to make me look pretty dorky. That’s alright! Bring on the Memes!!!!”

From the clumsy tennis playing to the goofy music, he knows exactly how Sharp Entertainment is looking to paint him.

“Not everyone fits so easily into archetypal boxes, we are not all stereotypes, the cast is not merely clones of eachother and I certainly do not easily fit into a pre-contrived personality construct, but the world will try hard to squeeze me into one anyway, so f**k it let’s have some fun with people’s incongruent perceptions,” he continued on his post.

Mexico wasn’t his idea

Being portrayed as dorky wasn’t Andrew’s only issue with editing.

In regard to him finding a “Mexico loophole” on a K-1 message board, he reveals on an Instagram story that it wasn’t actually him who made the suggestion.

On the show, Amira tells her father that Andrew gave her an ultimatum in regard to their upcoming Mexico trip. Going on the trip meant “proving her love” and if she didn’t, her fiance admitted he would probably resent her.

In a screenshot, he shares that it was actually Amira who had a profile on the website where the “loophole” was found. In the caption, he makes it clear and writes, “Mexico loophole was not my discovery. #frankenbiting.”

According to the Daily Mail, “frankenbiting” is when “editors cut single words to form totally new sentences.”

Do you think Andrew was a victim of editing?

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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2 years ago

yes and wgaf. regardless, this guy is an environmentally conditioned loser. the end. bye bye.