Andrew Glennon cheating rumors and Amber Portwood’s arrest: How the story developed after Teen Mom OG finale

Amber Portwood
Amber Portwood was arrested on the season finale of Teen Mom OG. Pic credit: MTV

During last night’s Teen Mom OG season finale, it was revealed that Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon got into a heated fight. The fight wasn’t caught on camera, but Andrew texted 911, saying Amber was attacking him with a shoe and a machete. He feared that both he and James’ lives were in danger.

In the preview for the reunion special, Amber Portwood does speak out about the incident and about the cheating rumors that have surfaced about Andrew. The clip is brief but in it, Dr. Drew asks about another woman and Amber says she found out everything. Of course, MTV has been accused of improper editing before, so fans will have to wait until the reunion interview to find out her side of the story.

Amber’s side of the story hasn’t been shared publicly, but here’s what we do know about everything that happened.

The fight supposedly happened on July 4 as the couple struggled to make it out to watch the fireworks. Amber then lost her temper once they got home and tried to attack Andrew. At the time, her ex-boyfriend Matt Baier spoke out about the arrest, saying that while Amber does have some issues she’s dealing with, it didn’t sound like the Amber he knew.

For a while, it was only Andrew’s side of the story that was shared. A judge ruled that he would have primary custody of James and a no-contact order was put in place, preventing Amber from talking to James and Andrew. She would later get supervised visits with James.

Portwood used social media to share her thoughts, revealing she was heartbroken about the entire situation. The more she started sharing about the situation, the more people started turning on Andrew. Some fans argued that he knew what he was getting into with her, as her past with mental health issues is well-documented.

Then, suddenly, Andrew Glennon was accused of cheating on Amber. He denied that he was cheating. The rumor revealed that he had been texting a woman about the situation and had asked her for a photo and had supposedly asked her to come to Indiana, where he was staying. But he claims the texts were not scandalous and that he isn’t cheating.

It will be great for Teen Mom OG fans to finally hear Amber Portwood’s side of the story when the reunion interview airs on MTV.

Teen Mom OG airs Mondays at 9/8c on MTV.

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