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Andre Brunelli on Love Island USA: Who is the new Islander and where can you find him on Instagram?

Andre Brunelli on Love Island USA
Andre Brunelli on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

Andre Brunelli is one of two new guys showing up on Love Island USA Wednesday night.

With the girl to guy ratio currently at seven to five, it is time to bring in two more guys to even things up.

On Wednesday night, the two new guys will get a chance to turn some heads in the villa and test the relationships on the island.

Andre will have as good a chance as anyone to find new love.

Who is Andre Brunelli on Love Island?

One of the new guys is Andre Brunelli.

Andre is a 28-year-old fashion model from Brazil who now lives in Miami, Florida.

Andre has also done something no one else on the island can lay claim to. He was featured in a Jennifer Lopez music video — Cambia El Paso.

He was also on the Telemundo game show El Domo del Dinero.

Andre also played soccer professionally for Brazil. He has a five-year-old daughter and has some pics of them up on Instagram.

How can you follow Andre Brunelli on Instagram?

You can follow Andre Brunelli on Instagram at @andreluisbrunelli.

His bio reveals that other than a model and athlete, he is also a chef and a follower of Christ. He adds that his motto to live by is to “be a blessing” because “the best is yet to come.”

His last two posts were from the J-Lo music video where he appeared.

He also has a post from June where he explains that his career is all thanks to hard work and perseverance, writing: “Overnight success is something that is real, but it’s only real to the person that is getting to know you overnight. For the person putting the work in, for the person that’s staying prepared, for that person, overnight success just doesn’t ring true because that person knows the years and years of sacrifice and the efforts that led to this person successfully discovering them overnight.”

Andre has over 35,000 Instagram followers. That number will surely rise once he gets to know the girls on Season 3 of Love Island USA.

Who will Andre find love with on Love Island USA?

Andre will head into the villa to offer some new options for women who feel it might be time to move on.

Right now, Trina Njoroge is single, Olivia Kaiser is unsure about her relationship with Korey Gandy, and Cashay Proudfoot is considering moving on from Charlie Lynch. There are also the three new women, Alana Paolucci, Bailey Marshall, and Elly Steffen, who are looking for love.

So, who will Andre hook up with first? Tune in this Sunday to see who Andre ends up getting to know.

Love Island USA Season 3 airs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.