Amy Duggar King reveals she believes Anna Duggar is ‘really, really mad’

Anna Duggar in a Counting On confessional
Amy Duggar King believes Anna Duggar is “mad.” Pic credit: TLC

Amy Duggar King is again speaking out about her cousin, Josh Duggar, and his wife, Anna Duggar.

Nothing new has changed regarding Josh, but as of now, he’s slated to be released from federal prison in October 2032. He still has to serve eight years, leaving plenty of time for him to mess up and have more time added.

Cousin Amy has been clear about where she stands with the situation, believing that he deserves to be where he is.

However, she still has a soft spot for Anna and the couple’s seven kids.

Last year, Amy and her mom, Deanna Duggar, ran into Anna at a funeral for someone they both knew. She had no idea her cousin-in-law would be there, and despite her attempt to speak to her, Anna wanted nothing to do with Amy.

After seeing Anna, Amy has some ideas about what she thinks is happening in the former reality TV star’s head.

Amy Duggar King believes Anna Duggar is ‘mad’

While speaking with PEOPLE about her cousin, Josh Duggar, Amy Duggar King also talked about her run-in with Anna Duggar.

At the time, Amy shared that she had seen her cousin-in-law on social media but that she told her she needed “space.”

Amy told the publication, “I understand, I can’t speak for Anna and I’m not going to try, but I can’t imagine what she has to deal with internally, let alone out for the world to see, It’s heartbreaking in every direction and I just respected the fact that she needed space and I didn’t try to push any further.”

She continued, “I wanted to say a whole lot. I wanted to say tons of things, but in that moment it wasn’t obviously the right location. It was a ceremony, a viewing actually, at a funeral, and yeah. It wasn’t the right timing and I didn’t want to make a scene and I didn’t want to do that or draw attention to anything and clearly respect her so I didn’t. But if you ask me, I think she is mad. I do. I think she’s just really, really mad.”

Anna Duggar was at Big Sandy earlier this month

For the most part, Anna Duggar has removed herself from the limelight altogether.

She continues to visit Josh Duggar in prison, bringing their children along to see their dad. However, she is rarely spotted in public or videos shared by other members of the Duggar family.

Initially, she and her children would be visible in Duggar Christmas videos or shares on social media, but it’s been quite some time since that happened.

Earlier this month, Anna attended a conference at Big Sandy. The photo showed the mom of seven looking distant and stressed, with some calling out her eyes for looking “dissociate-y.”

It’s unlikely that Anna will speak about what’s happening in her world, her thoughts on Josh, and what he was convicted of doing. She went to bat for him following the 2015 and Ashley Madison scandals, leaving herself open to public criticism.

She has all but said she wasn’t leaving Josh, and her actions have proved she intends to remain married to him.

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