Amy Duggar King reveals encounter with Anna Duggar

Deanna Duggar and Amy Duggar King selfie.
Amy Duggar King ran into Anna Duggar. Pic credit: @amyrachelleking/Instagram

Amy Duggar King has attempted to reach out to Anna Duggar for years.

She tried various avenues, including social media and other forms of communication. However, Anna didn’t want to be reached.

Unfortunately, a friend of the Duggar family passed away, so Amy and her mom, Deanna Duggar, attended the wake. There were other Duggar family members in attendance as well.

Over the weekend, Amy and Deanna took to TikTok to explain they ran into Anna at the wake, and the encounter was less than pleasant.

They happened to cross paths with her, and when Amy attempted to speak with Anna, she made it clear that she just wanted space. And that’s what she and her mom gave the mom of seven.

Here’s what Amy and Deanna said went down when they ran into the elusive Anna Duggar.

Amy Duggar King attempted to speak to Anna Duggar

In the TikTok video, Amy Duggar King and Deanna Duggar spoke out about their encounter with Anna Duggar.

They described her look as “angry at the world,” which isn’t shocking given she has been in hiding since Josh Duggar was arrested in April 2021.

She hasn’t said or done much since his conviction and remains off social media. Anna has appeared in a few Duggar holiday videos, but that’s the extent.


UPDATE – I SAW ANNA TONIGHT Ya cant help someone who soesnt want help . 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️#duggars #annaduggar

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When Amy attempted to speak with Anna at the visitation, she said, “Just give me space,” and she and Deanna backed off. They did not pursue her further, but it did make the Duggar cousin realize that Anna was aware of her attempts to contact her.

It was clear that Anna didn’t want help from Amy or Deanna. She revealed that a little girl with Anna was hysterical but couldn’t determine whether it was Jennifer Duggar or Mackynzie Duggar, Anna’s oldest child. The way the young girl was turned made it impossible to see.

What has Anna Duggar been up to?

Anna Duggar has been spending a lot of time in Texas. That’s where her husband, Josh Duggar, is serving his time.

She brought the kids to visit their dad when she could and even allowed them to spend time with the Spivey family in Texas.

The Duggar daughter-in-law reportedly was kicked out of the Duggar compound, but she is currently back in Arkansas since that is where Amy Duggar King and Deanna Duggar ran into her.

Anna continues to remain out of the spotlight, and she made it clear she didn’t want help from Amy or Deanna. She is unreachable at this point and clearly wants nothing to do with either of them.

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