Amy Duggar King cosigns Derick Dillard’s claims about Duggar family

Amy Duggar King and her mom Deanna Duggar.
Amy’s mom is Jim Bob Duggar’s sister. Pic credit: @amyrachelleking/Instagram

Amy Duggar King has revealed that she supports Derick Dillard and his speaking out on social media about the Duggar family. The Duggar cousin usually remains quiet when family drama is happening, but this time, she chose to say something.

Initially, Derick Dillard started opening up on Twitter. He has since moved to Instagram, but Amy Duggar King decided to show him support where it all first began.

Seeing her stand up for the Dillards isn’t shocking, as in recent months, it appears she has gotten incredibly close to Jill Duggar.

Speculation is that Amy Duggar King spoke up because Derick Dillard laid out the fact that he and Jill Duggar were cut out of Grandma Mary Duggar’s wake and funeral service footage. It is unclear why King would be so vocal about that because she had initially revealed that she decided to mourn in private and did not want to be filmed.

Some Duggar followers believe that Amy Duggar King was upset that such a personal moment was shared with the world. Filming at the wake and funeral services may have made her uncomfortable and when the Counting On episode aired, several viewers commented about it as well.

The comment of support from Amy Duggar King for Derick Dillard has brought a lot of attention to Twitter. Many of her followers are begging for her to open up about her own experiences and help to corroborate Derick’s claims in the media.

Amy used to be a part of 19 Kids and Counting at one point, but rumors of her discord with Jim Bob Duggar started swirling and she was seen less and less.

Hearing and seeing Amy Duggar King cosign to what Derick Dillard has been saying has piqued interest. How much more is yet to be told?

Is this the beginning of the end of the Duggar family reign?

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