America’s Got Talent slammed by fans after fiery act

Thomas Vu on AGT
Thomas Vu was literally on fire for his audition. Pic credit: America’s Got Talent/YouTube

America’s Got Talent is known for hosting an array of interesting and quirky talents, but not every talent is well received.

That was the case earlier this week when contestant Thomas Vu debuted his talent on the show.

Initially, Thomas just said that he would solve a Rubix cube — but it didn’t end there.

Thomas got slathered up in some goop and oil and lit aflame with the task of solving the Rubix cube in 30 seconds.

After solving it, two people extinguished this makeshift Human Torch before things got too serious.

However, many people found the act disturbing and commented on the show’s Instagram page to express their displeasure with the performance.

AGT fans slam show for ‘disturbing’ audition

Although Thomas was literally on fire for his audition, fans really weren’t feeling it.

While some found the performance to be anything but entertaining, others were rather concerned about his audition.

One top comment read, “That was so stupid for him to do something like that knowing good and well kids are watching.”

Considering how shocked the judges were and the fact that they all turned away at some point, worrying about kids watching this seems like a valid concern since it is a bit disturbing.

Plus, no one needs their kid to want to try this stunt at home.

Comments on AGT Instagram
Pic credit: @agt/Instagram

Still, others were entertained, as another user joked, “I guess you could say his performance was lit.”

AGT fans unimpressed by on-fire performance: ‘Where’s the talent?’

Others were less concerned about the safety of this stunt and more concerned with the point of the show — the talent.

Many felt that this was not a real skill and that there wasn’t much talent to be seen, so they weren’t sure why Thomas even performed his routine.

One person flat out wrote, “That’s not talent,” while others asked where the talent was, and one pondered, “Is this talent or suicide?”

AGT comments
Pic credit: @agt/Instagram

Others shared sentiments of not liking “this kind of entertainment,” and one person said, “Don’t do that again ever!”

When it comes to talent, some people still weren’t impressed.

One user criticized the show, writing, “It’s a party trick not a talent. And the girl singing pink was pretty but not a good enough singer, proof if you’re pretty the bar is set lower.”

AGT Instagram comments
Pic credit: @agt/Instagram

Well, we thought she was a pretty good singer and have been impressed by many singers this season, but that’s not what everyone thinks.

How do you feel about Thomas Vu and his flaming performance? Sound off in the comments below to share your thoughts.

America’s Got Talent airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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