America’s Got Talent recap: Who got the final Golden Buzzer of Season 18?

Sofia Vergara on the red carpet
The final Golden Buzzer was handed out last night on America’s Got Talent. Pic credit: ©

August 8 marked the final round of auditions for this season of America’s Got Talent and the last Golden Buzzer.

This episode had many talented and impressive acts, but the judges weren’t impressed by all.

However, one act managed to secure the Golden Buzzer — the dance group Chibi Unity.

Inspired by Season 17 winner Mayyas, this dance group was a perfect act from beginning to end.

Sofia Vergara said, “It was the best dancing I have ever seen in my life.”

Howie agreed, noting that they “took it to another level.”

Everyone came together to give them the final Golden Buzzer of the season, sending them straight to the live shows.

Here’s a look at the other acts who made it and did not make it onto the next round on AGT.

Who is moving to the next round on America’s Got Talent?

The last of the auditions brought forth some incredible talent and cuteness overload.

Dancer Donovyn Diaz is moving on to the next round after his “spectacular” performance. The emotional performance was felt by everyone, even through our televisions at home, and the deal was sealed when Simon said that Donovyn is “a total star.”

One adorable act was impressionist Heather and her three-legged dog Bogart — this duo absolutely won the hearts of judges and fans everywhere.

“I have a feeling Bogart is going to be a big hit on America’s Got Talent,” Heidi noted.

Several other acts are moving forward to the Live Shows as well. Aerialist duo Morgan and Roxi and dancing swordsman Titos Tsai will return.

Other acts include magician Kevin Li, 11-year-old mariachi star Eduardo Antonio Trevino, and balancing act Duo Dadiva.

Duo Dadiva almost didn’t make the cut, but after securing three yes votes, they got a second chance to wow the judges and fans everywhere.

Who didn’t make it past the auditions on AGT Season 18?

Only a couple of acts didn’t make it past the auditions on the final audition episode, but we understand why they didn’t.

The first act we saw get eliminated was the Improv Everywhere group. They started interestingly enough, with one person on stage and another in the crowd, all part of the act.

However, it wasn’t enough to change the judges’ minds, and Howie and Sofia couldn’t be won over. Ultimately, they didn’t get to move forward.

A repetitive face also hit the stage throughout the night: Josh Alfred. Josh came on stage with multiple different acts, but each time was rejected by the judges.

Maybe next time, Josh!

America’s Got Talent airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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