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American Idol’s rules that all contestants must follow to remain on the show

Noah Thompson Wins American Idol Season 5
Noah Thompson Wins American Idol Season 5. Pic credit: ABC

In past seasons of American Idol, fans have watched as certain contestants end up off the show without an elimination.

In some cases, such as this year with Kenedi Anderson, they quit the show for one reason or another. In other cases, American Idol kicks them off for breaking one of their many rules.

In both cases, the reasons for leaving might have a lot to do with the numerous rules that American Idol places on its contestants.

Here is a look at some of the more notable rules that American Idol has on the show.

Winners must sign a record deal and commit to a tour

When Kenedi Anderson quit American Idol, she made a TikTok post that she later deleted that had lyrics to a song that asked if she deserved better for herself.

A lot of fans took that as a jab at American Idol’s deal when it comes to the contestants who win the show.

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