American Idol viewers blast Katy Perry for ‘disrespectful’ gesture during her final episode

katy perry face shot from american idol season 22 finale
Katy Perry appears in the American Idol Season 22 finale. Pic credit: ABC

During the American Idol finale, many fans had an issue with Katy Perry due to what some felt was a “disrespectful” move.

On Monday evening, Perry appeared in what’s believed to be her last episode as a judge on ABC’s popular singing competition show.

The pop music superstar appeared as a judge on American Idol for the past seven seasons.

Perry performed a duet of What Makes a Woman with Idol finalist Jack Blocker during her final episode.

And while the Season 22 finale featured the crowning of the show’s new winner, Abi Carter, it also included a tribute to Perry.

However, some viewers seemed dismayed by Perry’s gesture during the finale and tribute performance.

The ‘pizza-eating queen’ received a tribute in her final episode

In one segment of the Idol finale, host Ryan Seacrest said it was time to “pay tribute” to their own “pizza-eating queen” as she enjoyed a slice between fellow judges Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan.

The women from the Idol Top 12 performed a medley of Perry’s hits, including Teenage Dream, Dark Horse, and California Gurls.

A large screen behind the band and performers showed highlights of various moments from Perry’s seven seasons on the show.

The singer seemed to enjoy the performance, finishing her slice of pizza and bouncing around in her seat.

The women of the Top 12 finished up their performance with Perry’s hit California Gurls. While it was a sweet tribute to the pop star after her multiple seasons as a judge, fans also noticed something she did during the performance.

Around the 2:37 mark of the video (above), Perry throws another slice of pizza into the audience behind her. However, it may have been a blink-and-miss-it moment for some viewers during the episode.

After the performance, Perry stood on the table and fiercely posed, flexing her muscular arms. Someone off-camera playfully threw a beach ball at her, which hit her in the face and bounced off.

“That was fun,” Seacrest said after the performance.

In an Instagram clip she shared from the finale, Perry is in one of several outfits she donned during her final episode as a judge. Facing the audience, she gave a look and a shrug before tossing what appeared to be another slice of pizza into the crowd.

A few women are shown on camera close-ups, seeming to have been unable to catch the slice. A woman behind the intended receiver also appears displeased. Perry smiled and began dancing as she turned around.

“a pizza my heart will always be on the #idol stage,” she wrote in the caption of her IG post.

Perry shared the behind-the-scenes clip from American Idol’s Season 22 finale on Monday.

Fans called out Perry for ‘disrespectful’ gesture as she appeared in her final episode

With 207 million followers on the social media platform, Perry’s pizza-throwing caught a lot of attention and flack from fans.

“I’m a fan, but you should never do that to anyone. Wrong doing, sorry,” a commenter wrote.

Another called it “silly and disrespectful and childish.”

“I would pick up that pizza and throw it right back at her,” a commenter claimed.

instagram screenshot shows katy perry commenters calling out her pizza toss
Pic credit: @katyperry/Instagram

“This is bad. Shouldn’t throw food just like that,” another individual commented.

Additional commenters called Perry’s actions a “waste” of food and “rude” toward the audience members.

“Hysterical. And people who are angry about this are hangry,” a commenter said, defending Perry.

Screenshot of katy perry instagram comments about pizza toss
Pic credit: @katyperry/Instagram

Based on their remarks, multiple fans seemed unhappy with Perry’s actions in her IG video or during the Idol tribute performance. Still, the pizza-throwing moments will likely serve as a tiny slice of her career as an American Idol judge.

American Idol Season 23 is TBA for ABC.

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