American idol viewers are rolling their eyes as Katy Perry promises another singer will be in the ‘top 10’

Katy Perry appears on American Idol.
American Idol fans are over Katy Perry telling people they’re top 10 material. Pic credit: ABC

With American Idol Season 22 in full swing, Katy Perry is already feeling the ire of viewers across the U.S.

Shortly after Sunday’s season premiere kicked off, fans took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to give their verdict on the episode, and many took issue with Perry consistently telling viewers she thinks they are in the top ten.

While it may be a good way to showcase that she thinks the people auditioning are very good, saying it constantly means it doesn’t gather as much weight.

That phrase should only be used for a few people at the auditions stage because, as we know from watching the previous 21 seasons, not all of the auditions are good.

Truthfully, the best stories come from the people who show growth as the competition gathers steam.

Somehow, Perry always seems to find herself on the outs with fans, but this is a criticism I can get behind.

Katy Perry’s top 10 on American Idol may have more than 10 people

“I forgot how Katy Perry hands out about 100 ‘I think you’re in the top ten’ each season,” said one fan with a well-placed GIF of David (Dan Levy) from Schitt’s Creek.

Another fan channeled Judge Judy Sheindlin.

“The Top 10 must be pretty big because Katy Perry is literally saying to everyone that there going to be in the Top 10,” reads the post.

This isn’t the first time Katy Perry has been called out

Perry has been called out countless times throughout her run as a judge on the ABC reality series.

The 39-year-old was accused of being a bully by a contestant’s father on the show.

Rumors swirled last year that she was unhappy with how she was portrayed and was considering saying goodbye to the show.

The proven hitmaker stunned fans this month by revealing that American Idol Season 22 will be her last as a judge.

Katy Perry has big things in the works following her American Idol exit

Perry has been with the show since ABC brought it back to life in 2018.

The mother of one revealed that the show helped connect her “with the heart of America” but declared that she had to move on “to feel that pulse of my own beat.”

At the same time, Perry is also gearing up to be a part of a “huge music festival in Brazil called Rock in Rio.”

Additionally, she’s reportedly preparing to release her seventh studio album in the coming months, so it definitely sounds like things are changing in her life.

For now, we’ll enjoy the rest of her run on American Idol because she’ll be on screens until at least May when the live shows end, and a winner is crowned.

We’re sure plenty more people will be added to her Tardis-like top 10 in the coming weeks, too.

American Idol airs on Sundays at 8/7c on ABC.

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