American Idol: Pregnant Haley Slaton impresses judges, finds husband on show

Haley Slaton on American Idol
Haley Slaton on American Idol. Pic credit: ABC

On Sunday night’s episode of American Idol, pregnant contestant Haley Slaton came to the audition and impressed the judges enough to move on to Hollywood.

There was one thing that was obvious to fans at home – Haley is likely to have her baby during her stint on American Idol if she makes it very far in the competition.

There was also one thing her package never mentioned and that’s that Haley found her husband in a fellow singer at the American Idol auditions.

Haley Slaton goes to Hollywood on American Idol

Haley Slaton came in to audition for American Idol in Los Angeles.

It was Katy Perry who broke the ground when she nodded at Haley and asked her to let them know what was going on in her life. Haley admitted she was pregnant and she was five and a half months along.

Since the audition likely took place in January or February, that means she is now seven months along. However, she assured the judges she knew how hard it would be and was ready.

She sang Miley Cyrus’ The Climb. The judges were not completely sold, and they asked her to sing another song.

Haley sang Adele’s One and Only and she gave it her all, winning over all three judges and moving on to Hollywood.

Haley met her husband at American Idol auditions

Haley was over five months pregnant at the time of her American Idol audition, but she was single at the time.

That is when she met someone else auditioning for the show. This was Jordan Myles, who she met at the early auditions stage of the show.

Jordan also auditioned, but his turn has not been shown yet.

“We got married pretty quick,” Haley told the newspaper, The Gazette. “We just knew. We started right off the bat talking to each other, and it ended up being an everyday thing. I was already pregnant, and he stepped up to be a father, and I couldn’t thank him enough for that. 

“We’re very in love, we’re very happy that we met, and I feel like another reason why I was on the show was to meet him. That was a great experience — to meet someone that I finally could spend the rest of my life with.”

Jordan teased that his audition would air on American Idol, so keep an eye out for that.

American Idol airs on Sunday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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