American Idol fans defend Katy Perry after bizarre video sparks calls for her removal

Katy Perry on the red carpet
Katy Perry is facing backlash but also receiving support from fans. Pic credit: © Wong/Admedia

Should Katy Perry leave American Idol or stay? This topic has fans and critics divided.

Earlier this week, fans were begging for Katy to be removed from the show after they shared a bizarre video on Instagram featuring her acting like a cat.

Judge “Katy Purry” was quick to enter the role as she climbed up on her chair and crouched, holding her hands like cat paws.

She attempted to get Luke Bryan‘s attention by pawing at him, but he wasn’t having it, and neither were some initial comments.

In some now-removed comments reported by the New York Post, many fans called for her removal, citing that they were tired of her behavior and that they “can’t stand her.”

Another reportedly called her “ridiculous,” but now the comments are full of fans who are defending their favorite judge and want everyone to calm down about her behavior.

Fans come to Katy Perry’s defense

Katy’s fans came to the comments to defend her, with some shocked that it was even put in the media, to begin with, and that she’s just having fun.

Others wanted Katy not to listen to any negative comments and expressed their love for her, with one user writing, “Katy, please don’t listen to any of the negativity! I’ve watched American Idol since season ONE and you three are seriously THE BEST! ❤️ You three have the best chemistry! You are beautiful, hilarious and an amazing singer who knows what she’s talking about when judging!!”

Another said that “people need to calm the F down” because she’s “just having a good time” and it’s “what the world needs.”

Still, others commented that this was just Katy’s personality and she’s just funny, even if she says “things that are out of the ordinary” as that “makes her who she is.”

Comments from American Idol's Instagram
Pic credit: @americanidol/Instagram

Is Katy Perry leaving American Idol?

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, it’s undetermined whether or not Katy will stay with the show.

She faced immense backlash this season for her treatment of contestants, but that’s not all.

Katy’s also fed up with the edits, claiming she’s being painted as the bad or evil judge when she is simply doing her job to coach the new singers.

There hasn’t been an official word on whether or not Katy is leaving or staying, so it looks like the singer will be back for another season, and hopefully with a better edit, if the rumors of a bad edit are true.

American Idol is currently on hiatus.

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