Amber Portwood appears to be struggling amid her legal issues and arrest

Amber Portwood
Amber Portwood appears to still struggle with her legal situation. Pic credit: MTV

Amber Portwood has kept a low profile over the past couple of weeks, as she’s dealing with her legal issues after her arrest. Back in early July, she was arrested after she reportedly attacked Andrew Glennon with a shoe while he was holding their son James. In addition, she’s being accused of using a machete to break down a door to get to them.

Andrew claimed he felt that his life was in danger and Amber was arrested and subsequently charged. She’s currently trying to figure out what to do to stay out of trouble and stay positive until the court case is resolved.

However, based on a new Instagram post, it sounds like Amber is struggling. In the caption, she revealed that “this hurts worst than anything.”

Amber didn’t reveal what it was specifically that hurt more than anything. Even though she’s unable to speak to Andrew because of a court order, she did have a supervised visit with her son James. It’s possible she had another supervised visit and was heartbroken when the visit ended.

As Monsters & Critics has previously revealed, Amber is focusing on her daughter Leah and her mental health. She’s been meditating, sleeping, and resting as she tries to improve her situation, so she can get her son back.

Andrew’s side of the story was shared in the media, but fans have yet to hear Amber’s side of the story. Teen Mom OG fans have turned their backs on Andrew, as some are accusing him of taking James away from Amber.

Since he already knew about her mental health issues, some are guessing he could have done more to ease the situation, not make it worse to the point where Amber has to get supervised visits with her son.

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