Amara La Negra pregnant with twins — Love & Hip Hop: Miami star reveals relationship status

Amara LHHMIA pregnancy
Dominican reality TV star Amara La Negra announced that she is pregnant after a recent miscarriage. Pic credit:@amaralanegraaln/Instagram

Love & Hip-Hop Miami star Amara La Negra announced that she is pregnant with twins and revealed her relationship status

As previously reported, Amara is dating Dominican real estate broker Allan Mueses on the current season of Love and Hip Hop: Miami.

In the recent episode, Amara revealed that she was pregnant, which led to a fallout with her mother.

However, two weeks ago, the LHHMIA star said she had a miscarriage back in July when the VH1 series was being filmed.

Amara shared the surprising baby news on her Instagram account in which the singer smiles in a selfie holding an ultrasound photo of her twin babies.

“I am so excited to finally share that we have twins on the way!” she wrote in the caption before sharing details of her pregnancy:

The 31-year-old shared her joy about the baby news after suffering a miscarriage earlier this year.

“There is nothing better than seeing the word PREGNANT! Even though I’m scared and nervous, especially after having a miscarriage, I am also excited and have a roller coaster of emotions, but it truly is a Blessing”

Amara says she is a single mother

Amara La Negra responded with a cryptic answer when asked if she shared the pregnancy news with Allan Mueses in an interview with the Spanish version of PEOPLE.

“In my case, I woke up pregnant like the Virgin Mary. I woke up pregnant, and that’s all I remember,” she said.

The 31-year-old then clarified that she is no longer in a relationship.

I will be a single mother. There is a part of me that makes me feel more focused, stronger. I know my babies will depend on me. I also understand that the father is not the one who makes the child but the one who raises it.

During the interview, Amara indicated Mueses is the father when asked if she has any regrets.

“Even when I was in a good place with the father, I lost [a baby]. It wasn’t the time. Perhaps he wasn’t the right person either. But may God’s will be done.”

Amara announces break up with Allan Mueses

“I am single, by the way,” Amara said on her Instagram Story after announcing she is pregnant with twins.

Amara split from her partner, Allan Mueses but did not mention his name on the Instagram Story.

“Love and Hip Hop was filmed months ago, so there are things you guys may see on the next episode that is no longer happening, no longer there,” she said before performing the scissors hand gesture.

Love & Hip Hop: Miami airs Mondays at 9/8c on VH1. 

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