Amara La Negra pregnant: Who is the LHHMIA star’s boyfriend?

Amara’s pregnancy announcement on Love and Hip Hop Miami draws skepticism from fans. Pic credit: VH1/YouTube

On Love & Hip Hop: Miami, Amara La Negra’s ex-boyfriend Emjay wasn’t ready to let her go after she dumped him, but the Dominican star has found love again.

In the latest season of LHHMIA, Amara has found love again and appears to be pregnant after months of speculation.

Amara La Negra opened a new real estate business in her native Dominican Republic and met her new boyfriend, Allan Mueses, who is also in the property business.

The reality TV star wants to focus on starting a family, but her mother insists that she focuses on her career, putting their relationship under strain.

On the latest episode of Love & Hip Hop: Miami, Amara tells her mother that she is pregnant but is she?

Amara reveals pregnancy

Amara revealed that her period was late in a previous episode, adding to the speculation surrounding her pregnancy.

The reality TV star felt under pressure to return to Miami and resume her career due to her mother being against her having a child.

Before Amara could break the news, her mother reveals that her father had already told her about the pregnancy.

“I don’t think you’d hide anything like this from me,” Amara’s mother said concerning her pregnancy news.

Amara confirmed her mother’s suspicion revealing that she took a pregnancy test.

“You have to have a stable partner to help raise a child,” Amara’s mother said when asked if she was disappointed about the baby news.

The LHHMIA star revealed that she had not told her boyfriend about the unplanned pregnancy.

 Furthermore, the Dominican beauty expressed her shock when her mother said she should have consulted her before having a child.

LHHMIA fans don’t believe Amara is pregnant

Several observers are convinced Amara’s pregnancy is a fake storyline after the latest episode.

“Amara isn’t pregnant. Let’s move past this storyline and her,” an LHH watcher said on Twitter.

Another called the reality TV star a drama queen.

“Amara so fu**in dramatic as it is, and now they got her given us this damn fake pregnant storyline…WHY”

Another viewer was skeptical about Amara’s lack of a baby bump in her recent photos, writing:

“Is Amara pregnant in real life, or is this a storyline? Cus Miss Mammas on IG with the flattest stomach #LHHMIA”

Pic credit:@Twitter

Who is Amara’s boyfriend?

According to his Instagram page, Amara’s boyfriend Allan Mueses is a real estate developer who spends his time between the Dominican Republic and New York.

He has two daughters: His oldest daughter is 10 years old, and the youngest is 7.

His Instagram shows that he spends time with his children, and Amara also spends time with them, even appearing in a Dominican news segment with his youngest.

The couple appears to be going strong as they appear to still be in the real estate business together.

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