Amani Randall claps back after critics bash her for having several ‘overboard’ baby showers

Amani Randall
Amani Randall was accused of being “greedy” and “selfish” after baby shower tour. Pic credit: @_easyaa/Instagram

Amani Randall’s expected due date is fast approaching, and she and Woody have gone all out to celebrate their first child. 

Amani and Woody traveled across the country on a baby shower tour. While showered with love from family, friends, and fans nationwide, the couple also received backlash from critics who deemed the tour excessive and greedy. 

Catching wind of the backlash, Amani went online to clap back at her critics thoroughly. 

Amani Randall addresses her baby shower critics 

Amani Randall took to her Instagram stories and shared a screenshot of comments bashing her baby shower tour. 

One comment read, “Jesus Christ another shower.” 

Another commenter wrote, “I know, right?!! Isn’t this their FOURTH one?! I’m overjoyed for them & think they are an adorable couple…But, OMG, overboard!” 

Amani responded, “This was our second shower. Feel free to unfollow. We have one more to show. Wouldn’t want you to feel like we went overboard.” 

Amani added, “Is this somehow disrupting your life if our families gave us THREE baby showers?” 

Amani Randall's Instagram story
Pic credit: @_easyaa/Instagram

Amani Randall unpacks a critic’s scathing message 

Another critic left an even lengthier and more harsh comment for Amani. 

The commenter began, “I can’t believe people who are more than capable of providing for their child with everything it needs. 2 baby showers that were extravagant and nice. I’m sure they have an over abundance of stuff for baby until its 3. To still post another registry “for virtual aunties” seems like greed. Gluttony, selfish. Like there’s people who literally have nothing. No food for themselves or whomever else.”

The critics suggested people are sheep for their support of Amani and Woody, writing, “Meanwhile you sheep keep getting led around like, well…sheep. Wow just unreal. Don’t bother @ me because I’m unfollowing. It’s sickening to watch. And all you “virtual aunties” are so important that she didn’t feel the need to share the sex of the baby with you crazy fans. She’s almost due. Y’all mean nothing to these people. But buy their baby more, more more.” 

Amani Randall's Instagram story
Pic credit: @_easyaa/Instagram

Amani made a video to calmly and directly react to the comment as she clarified each part of the critic’s accusation. 

Amani began, “So there’s a lot to unpack in this message. One, she’s saying that we are more than capable of providing for our child, which we are. Our family is fortunate also that they wanted to provide for our baby. And seeing as though I’m from Chicago, born in California, I have two sets of family members on opposite sides of the country.”

She continued, “And we decided to have multiple baby showers so that everyone could attend instead of overwhelming us in New Orleans trying to fly down here. Irregardless cuz I don’t owe anybody an explanation, which I know that. But it’s just; this is just great because I can just address everything all at once. So that’s why we had three baby showers.” 

Regarding accusations of being gluttonous, Amani disagreed and explained why, saying, “As far as being gluttonous and selfish, I don’t agree with that only because I only made the virtual baby shower registry thing because I get asked literally all day every day by people who want to feel included in our lives and our future baby’s life if we have a registry that they can contribute to…If nobody gets it, it’s not the end of the world. My baby is still going to be taken care of.”

Amani Randall reveals she doesn’t know the sex of her baby 

Amani then addressed the critic’s suggestion that she’s withholding sharing the sex of her baby. 

Amani shut down the suggestion as she revealed the sex of her baby would be a surprise to her as well. 

The MAFS fan-favorite expressed, “I don’t even know the sex of my baby. I don’t know to share it. I didn’t want to know. I asked not to be told. We don’t have it in some secret envelope waiting for this gender reveal. It’s not some weird thing we’re holding secret to ourselves because we don’t want you guys to know. I literally do not know the gender of my baby. I don’t know. And I didn’t want to know because I wanted to focus on having a healthy baby.” 

Amani concluded by telling the commenter “God bless you,” and assuring that she and her baby won’t lose sleep over the critic unfollowing her. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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