Alina Kasha denies using the N-word in a post that appears to show her usage of it

Alina Kasha
A post has been circulating that appears to show Alina using a variation of the N-word although she denies it. Pic credit: TLC

A throwback photo of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days cast member Alina Kasha has been circulating around social media depicting her using a variation of the N-word in the caption, although she denies that the post was from her.

The photo in question is of Alina dressed up as a man and the caption for the post read, “Yo n***a gotta do sum gold diggin’.” In her spelling, she replaced the g’s with q’s.

A lot of negative attention and sharing of the photo has been going down on Instagram and Alina went so far as to message a fan page who reshared the photo and denied that the post was from her, and instead said that it was photoshopped.

In her messages to the fan page, she did at one point, say that the picture had been on her Russian social media for years.

Alina Kasha appears to have used the N-word in a post that she is not taking ownership of

The screen capture of Alina allegedly using an alternative form of the N-word in the caption for a photo of her dressed as a man has been shared and reposted all over social media.

Alina denied responsibility for the post and instead said it was photoshopped.

In DMs acquired by Monsters & Critics, Alina wrote to one of the fan pages who reposted it and said, “Wow, nice photo editing skills (not). Idk who does this but this is beyond dumb.”

When the fan page told her that they didn’t make it but only reposted it Alina said, “Reposting something like this is as bad.”

The fan page then remarked, “[Saying] the n word is bad and that post shows you saying it.”

To which Alina claimed that she never said it and added, “Plus I really don’t know why this was chosen. Like I’m Russian. I’m not even from the US, I didn’t grow up there. We don’t even speak English here.”

When Alina was asked when she posted the original image she replied, “I posted this pic in my stories.” She continued by saying, “Hm Idk, some days ago..and I think I posted it some time ago too, I get nostalgic about studying in the us too. Plus it has been in my Russian social media for like YEARS. I think it’s on Facebook too.”

Can Alina Kasha recover in public opinion from the allegations of her use of the N-word?

Alina isn’t the only reality star to get called out for the usage of the N-word being attributed to them.

Heather Chase from Season 9 of Below Deck that is currently airing dropped the contentious word while singing a rap song and repeating the N-word as her African-American coworker Rayna Lindsey had done.

While Rayna took Heather’s use of the word very badly, nothing was done by Bravo, Eddie Lucas, or Captain Lee as far as reprimanding Heather.

Lisa Hamme, who also starred on Before the 90 Days like Alina, was fired from the show after it was revealed that she called Usman “Sojaboy” Umar that word while taping a Tell All.

Alina has been popular with 90 Day fans up until this alleged drama, so it’s possible that she can overcome the accusations which she says are false.

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