Alexis Williams is ‘still glowing’ as she embraces weight gain after MAFS

MAFS star Alexis Williams screenshot
Alexis Williams shares a body positive post after recent weight gain. Pic credit: Lifetime

Alexis Williams has gained some weight since we saw her in Season 15, but the Married at First Sight star is “still glowing.”

Alexis made that very clear in a recent post where she acknowledged her fuller figure as she modeled a stylish outfit for her followers.

The fashion lover is known for her dramatic ensembles and her confidence, which hasn’t changed because of a few extra pounds.

In her latest body-positive post, Alexis strutted her stuff in neutral shades with a few pops of color.

Alexis’ life has taken a different turn since her stint on the show where she was matched with Justin Hall.

The pair started hot and heavy, but things quickly fizzled out, and it became apparent that the couple was not compatible.

By the end of the eight-week experiment, things were still rocky, but they decided to give things a chance in the real world.

However, that was a bad decision and the pair later divorced.

Alexis later revealed on the Season 16: Decision Day Dish, which aired in May, that she was dating a woman.

However, she keeps her dating life very private on social media.

MAFS star Alexis Williams is still glowing after recent weight gain

Alexis posted a video on Instagram and in it, she wore a pleated tennis skirt with knee-high boots and an oversized cardigan.

The MAFS star also acknowledged her fuller figure in the caption writing, “I’m gaining weight because of all the looks i eat 🤷🏾‍♀️ Orrrrr.”

Alexis credited her weight gain to a slower metabolism due to aging.

“I’ve been active in sports my entire life so this is new to me but I’m still working, still loving on me, still growing, still glowing! Sweater: @urbanoutfitters Body: God,” she wrote.

Alexis Williams Instagram screenshot
Alexis Williams shares a new Instagram post. Pic credit: @alexisgracew/Instagram

Alexis Williams gets support after sharing body positive message

The Married at First Sight star got a slew of positive comments after opening up about her weight gain and embracing her new body.

“Our body changes with age and different stages in our life. You have to learn to love yourself at all stages. You look beautiful and I love the natural hair on you 🔥,” wrote one commenter.

“Girl you look gooooooodt! Gained weight or not 😍,” said someone else.

One Instagram user proclaimed, “Needed to see this. Love the look😍.”

Alexis Williams gets support on Instagram
Pic credit: @alexisgracew/Instagram

Someone else told Alexis, “Be unapologetic my dear…… No need to explain 😉😊🔥🥂.”

Married at First Sight is currently on hiatus.

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