Alayah Benavidez asked back in the house on The Bachelor and Twitter is divided

Alayah’s return didn’t sit well with some of the women. Pic credit: ABC

Alayah Benavidez decided that her time on The Bachelor was far from over. She decided to crash the cocktail party in order to talk to Peter Weber about her sudden elimination last week.

To recap, Alayah was sent home by Peter after he learned she had lied a bit about knowing one of the other women before coming on the show.

As Monsters & Critics have previously reported, Alayah and Victoria Paul had known each other from the pageant world and Alayah supposedly asked Victoria not to tell producers and Peter about them knowing each other.

This resulted in a huge dramatic episode that ruined many of the women’s chances to talk to Peter about their relationship and many of the women expressed frustration in their one-on-one interviews with producers, as the show was moving forward but Peter was caught up in the drama.

Alayah Benavidez crashes the cocktail party

During last night’s episode, the women were patiently waiting to talk to Peter to advance their relationships. While in Cleveland, Ohio, Alayah decides to crash the cocktail party.

She walks in and demands time with Peter so she can clarify everything. Shockingly, he admits that he did make a rushed decision and he had been disappointed with himself for listening to other women’s opinions in sending her home.

But it was Peter’s actions that had both the women and Twitter angry – he decided to give her a rose, keeping her safe until the next rose ceremony and essentially inviting her back to the show.

Some of the women questioned why they were on the show, as Peter clearly didn’t have an interest in spending time with them. Instead, he had been so caught up in Alayah.

Alayah Benavidez has Twitter in an uproar

Needless to say, Twitter went crazy. And surprisingly, Twitter was divided on what happened last night. Many people were actually upset with Peter for giving Alayah the rose and spending time with her when he had already sent her home.

As one person pointed out, he also questioned whether to bring Hannah B back to the show, meaning two women have already gotten more attention than some of the women who are there to fight for his time.

But there were some Twitter users who fully supported Alayah’s decision to come back and fight for Peter’s heart.

As one person pointed out, Alayah should have her say at the Women Tell All special, where she can explain herself and set the record straight about why she asked Victoria to lie.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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