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Alaskan Bush People’s Raiven calls fan ‘uneducated’ for asking about Matt Brown

Bear and Raiven Brown from Alaskan Bush People
Bear and Raiven Brown from Alaskan Bush People. Pic credit: @raiven_br0wn_/Instagram

Alaskan Bush People stars Bear Brown and Raiven Adams got married and they shared some beautiful family photos from the wedding.

However, just like at Billy Brown’s funeral, there was no sign of eldest son, Matt Brown.

When Raiven shared the family photo, and Matt wasn’t there to celebrate with his brother, fans wondered what happened.

When one fan mentioned how Matt is family, Raiven lost it on the commenter.

Raiven calls fan ‘uneducated’ for asking about Matt

The photo had almost the entire family.

However, missing from the wedding photo was Matt Brown.

One fan wrote in response, “It’s crazy. Matt isn’t there. I know there’s issues. But he’s still family,”

Raiven Brown IG 1
Pic credit: @raiven_br0wn_/Instagram

After a few fans went back and forth on whether or not he should be there, Raiven chimes in, and she held nothing back.

“You don’t know anything lol,” she wrote. “‘Issues’ what exactly do you know? Because I’m pretty positive it’s not the actual reasons. let us worry about our family business because your opinion is uneducated.

“We do not have to share the person details of why just to please the public. We love sharing our life with the awesome fans who show such amazing support!

“That being said we also value privacy in certain areas some more than others and I will not share the details to please you. Or to make his absence feel fair to you.”

Raiven Brown IG 2
Pic credit: @raiven_br0wn_/Instagram

It was an interesting response and it sounds like Raiven is saying there is more to the family’s issues with Matt Brown than what he has indicated.

Matt Brown’s estrangement from his family

Matt Brown has been off Alaskan Bush People for a few seasons now.

He was reportedly fired after he went to rehab for his addiction issues. However, he then made several claims that it was producers who kept supplying him and they fed his addiction rather than help him beat it.

Since he left the show, Matt has opened up about his family and the show and revealed some of his own dark secrets from filming.

Matt did say he reconciled with his dad before Billy passed away, but his family seems to have written him off completely.

Matt still keeps fans updated on his road to recovery with videos on his Instagram page, and that is where he admitted he spent Christmas alone, proving he still had no real connection with his family.

Raiven’s response to this commenter makes it sound like the conflict is real, but there is more to the story than many fans might expect, at least on Bear Brown’s side of the feud.

Alaskan Bush People is on hiatus. The show should return later in 2022.

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  1. I think your all a bunch of hypocrisy, pretending you all lived in this remote Alaska we watch your show faithfully only to find it was all lies.

  2. Lay off the family. If you haven’t had a relative that is a drug addict you don’t know how hard it is to deal with. Drug addicts are VERY good at playing victim.

  3. So the fans that keeps this tv show going and the money coming in, she thought it would be a good idea to insult them? She should be a little more classy in her response. In my opinion the way she was talking came across as uneducated

  4. Seems like the Browns really don’t understand family we all know the show is really fake they have more money than most of us could ever make at our real jobs


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