Alaskan Bush People’s Raiven Brown celebrates son’s second birthday

Raiven Adams Brown on Alaskan Bush People
Raiven Adams Brown on Alaskan Bush People. Pic credit: Discovery

Raiven Brown has had a great year so far in 2022.

The former Raiven Adams finally got married to Bear Brown earlier this year.

She also admitted that she will return to Alaskan Bush People when the show returns, and there are many fans who hope to see the wedding play out on TV.

Now, Raiven is celebrating another big event, as her son River just turned two.

Raiven Brown celebrates River’s second birthday

Two weeks ago, Raiven posted that they celebrated River’s second birthday at what looked like an indoor water park.

In the post on Instagram, she admitted that his birthday wasn’t until March 9, but they wanted to celebrate on a day the entire family could make it with time still to quarantine before the trip.

When his birthday finally arrived, Raiven was posting lots of photos celebrating her little man’s big day.

She posted a pic of her holding him while he was a newborn baby and talked about how time goes by so fast.

“My momma heart is sad my boy is growing so fast. But I am so happy to see him grow every day,” Raiven wrote. “He’s so smart and such a sweet kid, I am such a lucky momma. Happy second birthday my love I hope you have a fun day!”

She also knows that some people will call her out for everything and posted that the third picture of him sitting in a car seat facing forward was just flipped that direction while he was eating.

Raiven followed that up with a few pictures of him in overalls, walking around outside.

“I’m so proud of this sweet boy can’t believe I have a two year old,” she wrote. “Had so much fun at his birthday dinner!”

She finally posted another picture of him sitting at a table with his presents.

While Raiven’s Instagram photos can’t be embedded, she also shared a birthday video to TikTok and that can be seen below.


Happy birthday baby boy can’t believe you’re two ??#alaskanbushpeople

♬ Slow Down – Nichole Nordeman

Raiven said she might be willing to have more kids

Before Billy Brown died, he said he wanted lots of grandkids running around as he got older.

Now that he is passed, some fans wondered if Raiven planned to have any more children.

She said she would be willing if that opportunity arose.

Raiven responded to the fan writing, “if God sees it fit :).”

Bear has said he would like more kids, and the couple seems very happy with River, so there is always a chance fans could see their family grow in the future.

Alaskan Bush People is on hiatus. The reality series should return to Discovery later in 2022.

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