Alaskan Bush People: Raiven reveals if she and Bear Brown plan to have more kids

Bear and Raiven Brown with River
Bear and Raiven Brown with River. Pic credit: @raiven_br0wn_/Instagram

Alaskan Bush People stars Bear Brown and Raiven Adams finally tied the knot and got married earlier this year.

Now that the two are married, and have settled in as a family of three with their 2-year-old son River, fans are wondering if they plan to grow their family.

Raiven responded to that question on social media.

Raiven on whether she will have more kids

Raiven took River out for the day and the two went shopping for toys and had a nice lunch.

She posted some pics of the fun day on her Instagram.

She also added a heart emoji as her caption.

Raiven Brown IG post
Pic credit: @raiven_br0wn_/Instagram

This brought her followers out in full force. While most commented on how cute River had gotten, one follower asked if Raiven planned to have more kids.

Raiven responded, “if God sees it fit :).”

raiven ig
Pic credit: @raiven_br0wn_/Instagram

Raiven has always been combative when she feels people cross the line when it comes to asking questions concerning her private life. While she is a reality TV star, and that comes with the expectation of public scrutiny, Raiven will often lash back.

In this case, she seemed the just go with the flow when answering the question, even if other commenters in the comments said it is no one’s business.

Bear has said more than once he would like to have more children, and the late Billy Brown always wanted to see lots of grandkids running around the ranch.

That will be a decision he and Raiven have to make together, and for now, fans will just have to wait and see what the future holds.

Raiven never afraid to lash out at nosy Alaskan Bush People fans

While many Alaskan Bush People fans are just invested in the Brown family’s lives, as they are reality TV stars who put it out for people to witness, there are times that Raiven feels private moments should remain private.

When fans were dismissive of the Brown family since Matt Brown did not seem to be invited to his brother’s wedding, Raiven made it clear that fans did not know what was going on behind the scenes, and was very blunt about them keeping their nose out of it.

She is also quick to come to her family’s defense, as she did when fans made fun of Gabe Brown for wearing eyeliner.

Alaskan Bush People is currently on hiatus. The hit reality show should return later in 2022.

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