Alaskan Bush People’s Gabe Brown ‘not dead, despite popular belief’ says sister Rain

Rain and Gabe Brown posing in a photo on Instagram
Alaskan Bush People’s Rain and Gabe Brown in her Instagram photo. Pic: @heroofkirrkwell/Instagram

Alaskan Bush People star Rain Brown has posted an update to fans worried that something had happened to her brother Gabe — saying he is alive and well.

Fans had been speculating about Gabe after he failed to update his social media following a string of regular posts last month.

But Rain took to Instagram last night to post a picture of her with her brother, putting any fears to rest.

She said the reason he hadn’t been updating his profile was because he had first gone swimming with his phone — and then lost it.

Rain also thanked fans for their support over mom Ami Brown’s cancer battle.

She said: “Despite popular belief Gabe isn’t dead he just dim wittily swam with his phone and then lost it lol he’s hanging in there as we all are.”

In a separate post, Rain also told how reading about her mom’s ordeal had brought her to tears.

The Brown family are currently in California while Ami undergoes treatment for cancer.

The finale of the last season of Alaskan Bush People revealed the Brown family are planning to later move permanently to Colorado to set up a new home.

No decision has yet been made as to whether Alaskan Bush People will be returning for an eighth season. If it did, it would likely be in November or December, as in previous years.

We told yesterday how one of Billy Brown’s two daughters from a previous marriage recently posted an emotional picture of her and her dad, saying it was from a “better time”.

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