Alaskan Bush People: Noah Brown’s wife claps back at critics telling the couple to get ‘real jobs’

Noah Brown.
Noah Brown’s wife, Rhain, caught some major flak for telling followers they’re full time content creators. Pic credit: Discovery

Alaskan Bush People star Noah Brown and his wife, Rhain Merrill, have found themselves in hot water over their latest money-making venture.

Since the Brown family first debuted on television screens in 2014, they’ve kept viewers engaged with their wild, carefree nature and bold personalities.

As the seasons progressed, viewers watched Billy and Ami Brown — and their seven children — hit major milestones over the years.

The youngest Brown son, Noah, was one of the first children to marry. He wed Rhain in 2018, and the couple has since welcomed two sons, Elijah and Adam.

And while it’s been a while since fans have watched the wolfpack on screen with Season 14 wrapping in December 2022, Noah and Rhain have been searching for alternative income streams.

Their latest venture has the couple delving into the world of content creation, which doesn’t seem to thrill all of their followers. Some have even gone so far as to tell the pair they should ditch the content creation for “real jobs.”

Noah Brown and his wife Rhain are full-time content creators

Noah and Rhain recently updated their fans and followers on their joint TikTok account.

From adorable, playful moments with their two young sons to speaking directly to followers and answering questions, Noah and Rhain clearly make a significant effort to stay active on the account.

In a recent share, Rhain informed everyone that she was down and out with a serious cold that left her with a sore throat and fever. Despite her illness, the mom of two sat down to get real with their followers about their income and questions surrounding how they continue to make money.

“A lot of people ask, you know, what do you do for work? What do you do for work? Well, we are content creators,” she explained.

Rhain then elaborated that although it may seem unconventional, their commitment to making videos is a job.


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♬ original sound – Noah & Rhain Brown

However, it doesn’t seem everyone agrees with them, and some even took to the post’s comment section to argue their point.

Critics slam Rhain and Noah, tell them to get ‘real jobs’

In the post’s comment section, users let their feelings be known about Rhain’s claims that they have a “real job” and slammed the youngest Brown son for being “lazy.”

“he was always in [the] shed thing before he met you ,man never pulled [his] weight with family back then ,lazy bones he is,” one user wrote.

Rhain denied the claims, responding, “definitely not. he was always fixing something for the family. he was on a cane for 6 years and couldn’t do standard construction, but he still worked.”

Another comment questioned where all the money they made from the show went.

Screenshot of user comments.
Followers comment on the family. Pic credit: @alaskannoah.rhain/TikTok

The criticism didn’t stop there. Yet another comment referenced a previous comment by Noah stating that he was having trouble paying for the mortgage on their house. When the commenter pointed out that if the content creation wasn’t covering their bills, it seemed more like a “hobby.”

“it pays like a job,” Rhain noted. “he works hours like a job.” She added that she’s very proud of the hard work that Noah has put into building their platform.

Screenshot of user comments.
Responses to fans. Pic credit: @alaskannoah.rhain/TikTok

Naysayers may not agree with the couple’s choice to get into the world of social media, but that hasn’t deterred them from continuing to push on.

It will be interesting to see if they can significantly grow their following to help maintain their lifestyle.

Alaskan Bush People is currently on hiatus.

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Virginia McPeek
Virginia McPeek
8 months ago

Is the series ever going to come back I watched it since day 1