Alaskan Bush People: Noah Brown responds to threats following ‘blow up’ fight with brother

Noah Brown confessional
Noah Brown called out social media users for sending threats to him and his family. Pic credit: Discovery

Alaskan Bush People star Noah Brown made a name for himself alongside his parents and siblings when they hit television screens in 2014.

In recent months, the creative Brown brother has been trying his hand at social media, sharing behind-the-scenes looks at life with his wife, Rhain, and their two young sons, Adam and Eli.

Noah and Rhain consistently upload content online, and as any social media user knows, with more followers and content comes more hate.

In a new video, Noah got honest and revealed he’s received a slew of threats against himself and his family. It looks like the criticism on social media is entirely different from what he’s seen on the hit Discovery show over the years.

Following an intense argument between Noah and his brother, Bear Brown, the comments and threats have also increased significantly.

According to the father of two, some believe the comments simply show a user’s “dislike” for the family. However, he argues that it’s unacceptable and hateful.

Noah Brown talks hate comments on social media videos with family

Taking to TikTok, Noah responded to a follower comment that noted the difference between criticism and threats.

“When people threaten to kill you, that’s hate,” the follower wrote.

Noah agreed with the comment, sharing, “This is very true.”

“Since the big blow-up with my brother, I’ve had, I think, about a dozen death threats,” he continued. “…to myself, to my wife, and to my children.”

Noah didn’t take the comments sitting down. Instead, he took the threats very seriously and reported the accounts to TikTok, seemingly getting them removed from the platform.

In addition, Noah also admitted that he is so concerned by the threats towards his family that he’s considering taking the matter to authorities.

“There’s a difference between hate and dislike,” he added. “…when people threaten to do harm to myself or my family, that is hatred. That is evil.”

According to Noah, no one should have to receive the treatment he’s been exposed to.

He concluded the video by stating that no one knows the whole story surrounding the explosive fight with his brother and kindly asked that his followers and viewers stop taking sides.

Noah and Bear are reportedly at odds over helping their mother, Ami

Noah found himself in hot water with his brother, Bear, after he refused to help his mother, Ami Brown, move her animals down the mountain in preparation for winter.

During their argument, which was captured on a TikTok Live, Noah admitted he couldn’t afford to lend the Brown family matriarch his vehicle for fear that it wouldn’t make the trek and would cost him money he didn’t have.

On the other hand, Bear believed it was their responsibility as adult children to do whatever they could to help their mother.

Since the conflict, Noah has received harsh criticism for refusing to step up and help.

Alaskan Bush People is currently on hiatus.

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