Alaskan Bush People: Inside Billy Brown’s book

Billy Brown's book has become very popular.
Billy Brown’s book has become a hot ticket item. Pic credit: Discovery Channel

After Billy Brown’s untimely passing back in February due to a seizure, his book, One Wave At A Time: A True Story, has been selling like hotcakes.

The book, which is based on the Browns lifestyle, was first published back on September 10, 2007, and is loosely based on the patriarch’s own life.

The non-fiction piece of work is summarized as “A true adventure of how a scared boy, orphaned at sixteen, grew to be a dad and husband of character as he fought to survive in the wilderness of Alaska while running from the emptiness left by his childhood loss.”

After a quick search on the major bookseller, Amazon, it was found that the book’s price jumped from $65.68 to $99.43 for a used copy. It looks like supply is running low while demand is still very high. The book itself is said to contain a summary of Billy’s life in Texas. 

Alaskan Bush People viewers are dying to read his book

Due to this, the patriarch’s masterpiece has skyrocketed to exorbitant prices. As many Alaskan Bush People, fans know his family was killed in a small plane crash when he was just a boy, leaving him to fend for himself. 

Billy’s second-oldest son, Bam Brown, revealed in a 2008 post on YouTube that his father had self-published a memoir that had also gotten the entire family a movie deal.

While the movie never materialized, the Browns struck it rich with their series on the Discovery Channel. Alaskan Bush People followed the entire Wolf Pack around as they lived off the land in the bush of Alaska. 

Billy Bush’s sons have spoken out after his death

Since Billy’s death, the family hasn’t said much except for Bear and Matt Brown, who are the most active on social media. The eldest son came forward to accuse his parents and production of getting him hooked on drugs.

While Bear has been in a very public on-again-off-again relationship with Raiven Adams. After their first break up, Raiven revealed the family’s secrets, claiming no one but the daughter and Ami and Billy lived on the mountain in Washington. 

After reading the book, it is clear that the Alaskan Bush People series may have been a bit indulged for the purpose of reality TV. In Bam’s video, all Billy wanted was to be able to become a writer, and in the end, he did.

The Alaskan Bush People are currently on hiatus.

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