Alaskan Bush People children pose together in emotional new photo

Alaskan Bush People family members in a photo
Alaskan Bush People’s Bam Bam with Allison, Rain and Bird. Pic: @JoshuaBamBamBrown/Facebook

Several of the children from Alaskan Bush People have posed together for an emotional new photo as mom Ami continues to battle cancer.

Bam Bam posted the photo on his social media showing him, girlfriend Allison Kagan and his sisters Rain and Bird smiling together as they enjoy an evening out.

Some of the Brown family’s children have previously faced abuse from trolls online for smiling in family photos while Ami fights stage 4 lung cancer.

But Rain Brown told in a recent post on her own social media how she believes in trying to share a “#staypositive” attitude.

Fans rallied behind the kids after Bam Bam posted the latest picture. One, Pauline M Turbide, said: “This makes me happy because if you guys are out enjoying yourselves. It must mean that your mother is doing okay. Don’t let anybody put you down for living your life. Even if your mother is sick, life does have a way of continuing.”

Another, Bonnie NRoss, added: “Glad to see smiling faces. In the wake of tragedy let there always be hope, faith and love. Take care from Cali.”

Heather Hill Green said: “Love this family…you inspire us everyday. We are praying for your mom. God bless you!”

The photo comes after Rain recently shared an emotional message saying urging fans to share love rather than hate.

Ami has reportedly finished her current course of chemotherapy in California, where the family moved to from Alaska so she could have treatment.

Discovery are yet to make an announcement about an Alaskan Bush People Season 8.

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