Alana Milne asks Bachelor in Paradise viewers to stop sending ‘hate,’ denies dating Chris Conran before show

Alana Milne from Bachelor in Paradise
Alana Milne is affected by Bachelor in Paradise hate. Pic credit: @alanaamilne/Instagram

If anyone got a raw deal on Bachelor in Paradise this season, it was Alana Milne. Now, she’s speaking out about what happened (or didn’t happen) before Mexico and how all the hate she’s getting is really hurting her.

Alana showed up in Mexico late in the game and despite that, immediately tried to connect with Chris Conran. The problem is, he was already hooked up with Bachelor Nation fan-favorite Jessenia Cruz.

That didn’t stop Chris from having feelings for Alana and out of seemingly nowhere, he dropped Jessenia and made it clear that he was hooked on Alana.

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Bachelor Nation still wants to know why Chris and Alana were blasted but not Brendan and Pieper

Although Brendan Morais did almost the same thing to Natasha Parker when Pieper James showed up, no one seemed to bat an eye. However, Chris ditching Jessenia for Alana had the BIP cast up in arms and with Joe Amabile leading the charge, they confronted Chris and told him it was time to go home.

Absolutely stunned by what went down and how everyone was acting upon her arrival, Alana Milne exited Mexico right along with Chris Conran. Well, not exactly with Chris. After all, they left in their own cars after she refused to share a ride.

As the Bachelor in Paradise cast raised their glasses to “no more Chris,” it seemed that some of Bachelor Nation was busy filling up Alana’s DMs with hate, something that she doesn’t appreciate and wishes they would stop.

Alana Milne speaks out after Bachelor in Paradise

After sharing information about the suicide hotline, which we’ve also shared in the case that someone reading this needs help, Alana had another message for those who were filling up her inbox and denied having a relationship with Chris before the show.

Pic credit: @alanaamilne/Instagram

In her Instagram stories, she wrote, “if you’re one of the many continuing to direct send me hate, please stop. I didn’t have a plan or a pre existing relationship with Chris going into paradise. i really was just excited to experience it, like everyone else there. the messages I continue to recieve are quite hurtful.”

Pic credit: @alanaamilne/Instagram

Alana went on to remind Bachelor in Paradise viewers that the messages that they are sending to her are being received by a “real human being” and like the other controversial BIP couple, she reminded everyone that this is just a TV show and that it is edited to maximize drama and bring in the best ratings possible.

She finished the lengthy message, writing, “I came on the show with pure intentions and the rest was out of my control. be good to one another & please leave me alone.”

Bachelor in Paradise airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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