Abbie Grace Burnett and John David Duggar spend time with Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth

Joy-Anna Duggar and Abbie Grace Burnett
Joy-Anna Duggar and John David Duggar seem to be vacationing with their spouses together. Pic credit: @joysite/Instagram

Siblings who vacation together stay in contact — or something along those lines.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth are seemingly vacationing with Abbie Grace Burnett and John David Duggar.

The former Counting On stars shared photos from the beach, which looks like the same place.

Given their age differences, John David and Joy-Anna may seem like an odd pairing, but the siblings and their spouses often spend time together.

They have not shared photos, but those may be saved for Joy-Anna’s weekly vlog, which typically drops on Friday afternoons.

John David and Abbie shared their beach photos and used them to plug a boutique she partnered with.

Joy-Anna shared her photos on the beach and captioned them, “your love is my home”

Joy-Anna Duggar and John David Duggar hang out often

Duggar siblings John David and Joy-Anna often spend time together with their spouses.

Like Austin Forsyth and John David, Abbie Grace Burnett and Joy-Anna get along well.

The men spent much time together while serving with MEDIC Corp, which aided in disaster relief. They went to Haiti and the Bahamas.

While they were away, Joy-Anna and Abbie spent time together.

Not too long ago, one of the Duggar vlogs shared videos from a camping trip with several of the Duggar siblings, and John David and Joy-Anna were there too.

When John David and Abbie were courting, Joy-Anna and Austin were their chaperones. Their friendship goes back a few years, and it seems the foursome enjoys time together.

Where do Joy-Anna and John David Duggar stand with Jill Duggar?

While things are good between Joy-Anna Duggar and John David Duggar, it’s unclear where they stand with their sister, Jill Duggar.

Neither has spoken about the book or the Shiny Happy People documentary, which seemingly alludes to the fact they are respecting Jim Bob Duggar’s wishes so they won’t be disinherited.

However, Austin Forsyth and Joy-Anna Duggar attended some of Josh Duggar’s 2021 trial and issued a statement about that. John David and Abbie Grace Burnett avoided the trial and did not comment.

Abbie is always a part of the Duggar gatherings and most recently popped up at Michelle Duggar’s birthday get-together. Jill was missing from that, seemingly telling us everything we needed to know.

No one wants to rock the boat, and Jill has only received open support from Jinger Duggar and her cousin, Amy Duggar King. Joy-Anna and Austin revealed they planned to read Jill’s book, but that was the only mention of the book at all.

Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets is currently streaming on Prime Video.

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