90 Day: The Single Life recap: Just not that into you

Natalie, Jesse, and Debbie
Uncomfortable situations arose for the 90 Day: The Single Life cast this week. Pic credit: TLC

This week’s episode of 90 Day: The Single Life was full of touchy subjects, disgruntled feelings, and a lot of dramatic situations as the cast members tried to navigate their love lives.

Rude outbursts were abundant as were awkward moments of communication where it became clear that the parties involved were on two different pages.

Most of the 90 Day: The Single Life cast members had explosive moments

Jeniffer and Jesse picked up where their fight left off from the last episode where Jeniffer was mad that Jesse insinuated that she was an escort. While Jesse tried to assure Jeniffer that she misunderstood what he was saying, she was relentless in her anger towards him.

Colt drove Debbie and her friend Audry from Las Vegas to San Diego so Debbie could meet a man she met on Instagram. When Colt questioned how much Debbie knew about this guy and why she was going to these lengths to meet him, Debbie got upset at Colt’s tone.

Her anger compounded during the drive and she jumped out of the car at a red light in San Diego and had a fit about being called out by Colt and feeling embarrassed about meeting someone she didn’t know much about.

Big Ed talked with his and Kaory’s mutual friend who told Ed that Kaory told her that they have a connection. When Ed met Kaory in person, however, she tried to get him to understand that he needed to relax and let things happen but he wasn’t getting it.

Later, when they went on a trip together with Ed’s mom and Kaory’s son, Kaory got mad at Ed for being pushy at dinner about being in a relationship with her.

She got mad enough to leave the table and not give Ed a hug.

big ed's love interest kaory told him to shut up
Kaory got mad that Ed was trying to force a fast relationship. Pic credit: TLC

Natalie went on a golf date with Josh who was the CEO of the modeling agency she went to, with her previous date Johnny. She let Josh be touchy-feely with her before they went out to dinner.

Things took a turn at dinner when Josh said he had two children with two different women. Natalie totally changed her attitude and was obviously upset, but refused to express why, and only said that she didn’t want to compete with other women.

Stephanie Matto communicated her feelings to good reviews

Stephanie woke up with her high school boyfriend Fred and it was revealed that they didn’t have sex because Stephanie suddenly felt uncomfortable. She told Fred that she realized she wanted to lose her celibacy to someone she is in a relationship with so that it’s meaningful.

Fred understood and told Stephanie he was still down to hook up in the future but that she could count on him to be her friend as well.

New episodes of 90 Day: The Single Life are available to stream Sundays on Discovery+.

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