90 Day: The Single Life spoiler: Kaory grows frustrated when Big Ed won’t stop talking

Kaory and Big Ed on 90 Day: The Single Life
Big Ed couldn’t take a hint from Kaory to shut up during their dinner date. Pic credit: Discovery+

In the latest episode of 90 Day: The Single Life, Big Ed Brown wasn’t taking the hint from his love interest Kaory that she wanted him to stop talking.

Big Ed was among the cast to join the second season of 90 Day: The Single Life after his relationship with Liz Woods failed.

So far this season, things seem to be going well between Big Ed and Kaory, a Mexican native, who was introduced to Ed by a mutual friend.

Big Ed traveled to Mexico to meet Kaory in person and after a scary first date – that ended in them scrambling after hearing gunshots – Big Ed and Kaory feel they have a connection.

90 Day: The Single Life spoiler: Kaory wants Big Ed to stop talking

In a preview clip (seen below) for this week’s episode, Kaory opens up about her feelings for Ed and admits that she wants to take things slow, but becomes increasingly agitated when he won’t stop talking.

“I feel love. But you know when you and me talk about our relationship, I feel high expectations,” Kaory told Ed during an outdoor dinner date. “People ask a lot and don’t allow things to be.”

Kaory admitted to the cameras that she isn’t interested in rushing into anything with Ed.

“I thought it was nice that Ed opened his heart to me, but I think that a relationship is built, and to build it takes days, weeks, months, years,” Kaory admitted.

Ed responded and told Kaory that in the few days they had spent together, he felt a connection and told her that he liked her.

“Can’t you just be quiet and let things happen?” Kaory asked Ed.

Ed proved that he could not, in fact, be quiet and immediately responded, “I just want, um, for me…” before he was interrupted by Kaory.

Kaory grows frustrated when Big Ed won’t stop talking

“But… wait a little,” Kaory told Ed, visibly irritated with his insistence to keep talking.

“I need a little silence,” Kaory revealed, hoping that Ed would take the hint.

After pausing for just a few seconds, Ed began to talk yet again.

“Well… can I say something?” Ed asked.

“No,” Kaory told him, growing more annoyed. “Can’t you just be quiet?”

During a confessional, Ed admitted, “I’m trying to understand, I really am. But it’s really confusing. So I’m thinking to myself, ‘I’m into you, I like you, I think you’re into me,’ you know, let’s see where this can go.”

Although Big Ed’s dating life is playing out currently on 90 Day: The Single Life, viewers know that off-camera, he and Liz have decided to give things another chance and even got engaged.

Liz recently gushed over her and Big Ed’s fairytale relationship in an Instagram Story in December 2021.

“Every day he asks me if I love him and the answer is yes,” Liz told her fans of Ed. “Everyday he asks me if I am happy and the answer is yes. I hope this [fairytale] never ends.”

New episodes of 90 Day: The Single Life air Fridays on Discovery+.

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