90 Day The Single Life: More proof that Big Ed and Liz are back together

Big Ed and Liz
Liz posted something that all but confirms she and Big Ed are back together. Pic credit: TLC

Rumors have been swirling about 90 Day: The Single Life couple Big Ed and Liz, who have been hinting that they are back together despite the toxicity and emotional abuse in their relationship.

While Big Ed and Liz have not come out publicly and officially said that they are back together, the evidence is piling up. Liz just contributed to the assertion that their relationship is back on by posting about a dinner she was making for “babe” while being in what eagle-eyed viewers recognized as Ed’s house.

Big Ed and Liz’s tumultuous relationship was captured from the beginning on The Single Life when she was his waiter in a restaurant he frequented and he asked her out. Several disturbing things happened throughout the course of the show and after, including a disturbing phone call that was leaked the last time they split.

Liz recently posted an engagement ring photo that got the rumors going and her ex-husband came forward and spilled some tea.

Liz Woods provided more proof that she and Big Ed are back together

90 Day fan page @90dayboomboom collaborated with another popular fan page @90_day_altheway to piece together that Liz was in fact at Ed’s house and that he is the “babe” she was referring to.

The viewer put a side-by-side comparison photo of Liz’s Instagram story holding her glass up in front of a colorful rug next to a picture of Ed’s same rug from one of his TikTok videos.

On the post, they wrote, “Liz dining with Big Ed last night. She calls him ‘babe’ and it’s the same rug as in Ed’s house.”

The caption for the post read, “Liz was dining with the abuser!”

It is surprising that Big Ed and Liz Woods are back together because she was vocal about his abuses

When a petition was started to try and get TLC to ban him from the network, Liz shared it and urged her followers to sign it.

A shocking phone call between the two also surfaced where Ed was berating Liz while she was she was crying and telling him to stop. The fight was over a co-worker giving her a ride home from work.

Big Ed has also been accused of sexual assault and many 90 Day Fiance fans wish that TLC would not give him a platform.

90 Day: The Single Life will premiere Friday, November 12, on Discovery+.

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