90 Day Fiance’s Elizabeth Potthast and Becky Potthast get into a physical altercation over Andrei Castravet…on a boat

The Potthast family on a boat.
The Potthast family on a boat. Pic credit: TLC

Why can’t the Potthast family just get along? 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? star Andrei Castravat and Chuck Potthast have seemingly buried the hatchet, but Elizabeth’s siblings are seemingly dead set on making the couple’s lives a living hell. 

Chuck booked a yacht for the day for his entire family. Even though Charlie wore his nautical sweater, the day wasn’t meant to be smooth sailing. Becky’s hat wasn’t the only thing giving off shade as the nice day out quickly soured.

Chuck wants a Potthast family reunion

Chuck started off the trip with a nice toast, saying he wanted a family reunion in Maryland with all the aunts and uncles because it was “pop pop’s 80th.” The patriarch wanted to rent a big RV and drive with his entire offspring as “one happy family.”

Libby immediately expressed what we all thought, saying it “sounds like a disaster.”

The reality star’s older sister, Jenn also made a valid point, saying she doesn’t understand how her father could think it was a good idea to drive together for 15 hours with no way out revealing, “It screams red flags to me.”

Chuck, for his part, tried his best to stand united, telling his children, “The family business is not going to destroy our family.” But sadly, he seemed to have jinxed himself with that statement. 

Andrei was the only one making sense as he told the cameras in the confessional that he did not want to be stuck with the family for that long. However, he did want to work on his relations with Chuck to try and make their son-in-law and father-in-law bond work.

Elizabeth Potthast yelling at her sister. Pic Credit: TLC

Libby has had enough of her family

Naturally, Charlie pipped up and said he wasn’t interested in spending time with Andrei because he feels he is trying to take advantage of Chuck and his kind heart. At that moment, it looked like Libby had reached her limit with her family’s attacks and called everyone out. 

TLC fans watched as Becky yelled that the Moldovan was a manipulator and walked toward her younger sister with her finger pointed, causing tensions to rise. Becky called her sister “two-faced,” which caused Libby to let loose, claiming her family was just jealous. It all came to a head when she charged Becky and pushed her into the rails. The girls also wasted a good cocktail by throwing their rosé on one another.

Fans were left shook as they really had expected the Potthast men to go at it, not the women. Fans have noticed that Andrei and Libby can do no good in the eyes of her family and they will never accept Andrei as a real member of the family. Chuck tried his best to mend fences, and in the end, fans empathized with the father’s struggle as he announced his two daughters ruined his day.

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