90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After: Charlie Potthast meets with Andrei Castravet, did the Moldovan native get his apology?

Andrei Castravet films for 90 Day Fiance.
Elizabeth Potthast’s husband Andrei Castravet and brother Charlie Potthast sit down for a tense lunch. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? star Elizabeth Potthast has found herself caught in the middle of a feud between her husband Andrei Castravet and her brother Charlie Potthast that has been brewing for years.

While the brothers-in-law butted heads during family gatherings, Andrei is looking to work for Elizabeth’s father, which means he’d be working side-by-side with Charlie.

During a meeting Elizabeth had with her family, everyone, including her brother, agreed that he and Andrei would have to make amends if Andrei was going to work at the family business.

The two ended up sitting down for lunch to sort out the issue, with Elizabeth as the mediator, and the encounter was as tense as fans expected it to be.

Andrei wanted Charlie to apologize to him

Before the uncomfortable lunch, Elizabeth had to break the news to Andrei that he wouldn’t be hired unless he agreed to meet with Charlie.

Andrei was reluctant at first and expressed that, if anything, he should be the one receiving an apology from Charlie.

“I haven’t talked to Charlie since he got drunk at my wedding in Moldova and tried to ruin it,” Andrei said during a confessional interview. “He’s a very lucky person that he didn’t get knocked out. And in fact, he never apologized for what he did, and there’s no way I’m working with that bum in general.”

“I’m not excusing Charlie’s behavior because it’s inexcusable,” commented Elizabeth.

Elizabeth countered that Andrei needs to form a professional relationship with Charlie if they’re going to work together.

“However, moving forward, I do feel that you guys need to make amends with each other, bury the hatchet, and move on because it’s inevitable that you guys are gonna work together at some point. If you’re working in my dad’s business, Charlie is his right-hand man, so you’re gonna be right there next to him,” she expressed.

Andrei eventually agreed to meet up with Charlie in hopes of getting an apology.

“I’m willing to meet up with him, and I’m willing to listen to him, but he has to apologize how he acted like a pig at the wedding, or otherwise, we are not going to work together,” Andrei stated.

Did Charlie apologize to Andrei?

On the day of their meetup, Andrei and Elizabeth sat at the table as Charlie arrived.

Elizabeth shared that she was nervous about the conservation since both her husband, Andrei, and her brother, Charlie, are “Alpha males.”

The conversation was tense, and it quickly became clear that neither Charlie nor Andrei were going to admit any fault.

The two men may not have apologized, but they agreed to put their differences aside so that they could work together amicably.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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