90 Day Fiance: Yamir Castillo announced that he got his US citizenship

Yamir Castillo
Musician and former husband of Chelsea Macek proudly let his followers know that he got his American citizenship.

After Yamir Castillo from Season 2 of 90 Day Fiance got a divorce from Chelsea Macek after two years of marriage but stayed in the United States to pursue his music career. Now the native Nicaraguan just announced via Instagram that he got his American citizenship.

Yamir had a bustling music career back in Nicaragua and was part of a very popular boy band, Myla Vox, that he left to pursue a life in America with Chelsea.

He has continued to make music in the Latin genre and has music videos and content across all music streaming platforms.

Yamir announcement that he got citizenship came as a surprise to his followers but he received almost 200 comments on his post, with most of them being congratulation sentiments.

Yamir announced on Instagram that he is now an American citizen

Yamir has been in the US since 2014 when he married Chelsea, and was able to stay in the country even though they got a divorce.

Most 90 Day Fiance cast that have come over on the K-1 visa have obtained two-year green cards that need to be renewed for a ten-year green card after that initial two years. The fact that Yamir was able to secure American citizenship means he must have gone through a more rigorous process with different requirements than most people on 90 Day Fiance went through.

Yamir’s post on Instagram was was a picture of himself smiling in front of what looks like a government building, and he is holding an American flag. His caption read, Thanks for giving me this opportunity us (heart emoji) finally a #USA #citizen.”

Yamir’s Instagram post to followers sharing his good new about becoming a citizen.

Yamir is still part of the 90 Day Fiance franchise

As recently as April, Yamir and his ex-wife Chelsea were on Season 2 of 90 Day Bares All, which has not aired yet, with Shaun Robinson and Yamir performed his latest single, Frente a Frente.

During 90 Day Bares All Yamir and Chelsea also discussed Chelsea’s bisexuality and that their breakup was amicable. Chelsea has since remarried and Yamir doesn’t appear to have a girlfriend at this point.

When they were on 90 Day Fiance, one of the hardest parts of their relationship was Yamir leaving his promising music career with his friends at the height of their fame and coming to America with only prospects.

90 Day Bares All is renewed with a release date yet to be announced.

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