90 Day Fiance Bares All: Here’s what to expect from the latest spin-off, hosted by Shaun Robinson

TLC announces new 90 Day Fiance spinoff show to premiere on Discovery+
New TLC spin-off, 90 Day Fiance Bares All will premiere in 2021. Pic credit: TLC

In case you already had a hard time keeping up with all the 90 Day Fiance spin-offs, things are about to get even harder.

The network just announced one more addition to the popular franchise, and this one is called 90 Day Fiance Bares All.

The concept is to give viewers a behind-the-scenes look into juicy footage that TLC could not show on TV.

And the new show will be hosted by Shaun Robinson, who has been a familiar face on the network, hosting many of the 90 Day Fiance Tell All features.

Shaun recently shared more details about the new show and what fans can look forward to when it airs.

90 Day Fiance Bares All set for 2021

Shaun Robinson sat down for an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight to talk about the new TLC series.

The show is set to premiere on January 4 and will air on Discovery+.

It will take the form of a talk show with in-studio guests and have TLC cast members featured virtually from their locations around the world.

“This is the space where we are showing you every single thing that we could not show you on regular TV,” Shaun revealed. “There’s so many things — video, certain confrontations, language, body parts — that we can’t show you on regular TV, but we can show them here.”

“Bares All is basically that — we are taking everything and, not that they were left on the cutting room floor, these parts are really juicy, but because of the rules, we could not show you there. Here, we can show you absolutely everything, so Bares All is the perfect title for this show,” Shaun concluded.

What can we expect on 90 Day Fiance Bares All?

During her ET interview, Robinson teased that the show will feature some great interviews by some of our favorite 90 Day Fiance alums.

There will even be an “explosive” confrontation between 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way couple, Brittany and Yazan.

While commenting about the couple’s dysfunctional relationship, the TV host said, “We knew from the beginning that that was a dead end street. We knew.”

“You’re going to see the confrontation between Brittany, Yazan and his family. His family goes after Brittany, it is so explosive. But let me tell you something, Brittany is holding her own, OK? She’s got some receipts that she said she is going to show and she does show them, so it’s wild. It’s so wild,” she added.

And we will also see other controversial faces such as Angela Deem, Big Ed, and estranged brother duo Tarik and Dean.

Furthermore, Jenny and Summit’s drama will also be showcased on 90 Day Fiance Bare All. A show producer will share some behind-the-scenes information about the couple’s relationship.

“He knows the behind-the-scenes details. He knows more about Sumit’s family and what happened between them and Jenny,” shared Shaun. “It is so much worse [than what you saw on TV] and now I know why we could not show it on regular TV, but here we can show it.”

90 Day Fiance Bares All premieres January 4 on Discovery+