90 Day Fiance viewers think that Angela Deem is giving Americans a bad name

Angela Deem
After Angela talked about her rights as an American while yelling at Michael on the latest episode of Happily Ever After? viewers think she is setting a bad impression Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance viewers think Angela Deem’s crass and toxic behavior towards Michael on the latest episode of Happily Ever After? gives Americans a bad name.

Angela invoked her pride in being American by belittling Michael and domineering the conversation with wild antics.

After Angela relentlessly berated and attacked Michael he asked her, “Are you done talking?”

Angela sharply screamed, “No, I’m not. I’ll say what the f**k I wanna say. I’m an American! Land of f*****g free!”

Viewers who watched the cringy scene had a lot to say about what an embarrassment Angela is to Americans and how she contributes to America’s bad reputation.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? viewers think Angela Deem is contributing to America’s bad reputation

A Reddit thread was created and a discussion was started about how Angela’s behavior gives Americans a bad name.

Viewers don’t want anyone’s generalized impression of Americans to be tied to the crass and toxic traits that Angela displayed.

The subject of the Reddit thread was, “Angela and Michael are arguing and he finally stands up to her, he calls her a b***h and tells her she deserves it. I’m glad Michaels telling her off. When Angela said “I am an American land of the f*****g free” I couldn’t stop laughing. WTF Americans like her are a embarrassment.”

Reddit thread about angela deem
Viewers in a Reddit thread discussed the embarrassment they feel as Americans for Angela portraying them so negatively Pic credit: @u/greengoddess813/Reddit

Other viewers who witnessed the shocking display of misplaced nationalism weighed in with their impressions of Angela’s display.

One person said, “She will always use being an American as an excuse to mistreat Mikul and imo its extra f****d up bc to me it seems shes saying im an american (and you are nigerian so I can say whatever i want) like shes better than him.”

Another Redditor agreed with the sentiment by saying, “Exactly, it’s disgusting. As an American, I want to hide under my pillow when she speaks.”

Other users in the thread shared the same views as well.

Reddit thread about angela deem
Redditors spoke about the impression Angela was giving off with her use of being American to berate Michael Pic credit: @u/greengoddess813/Reddit

Angela Deem has been in a lot of hot water lately with viewers

Aside from her on-screen antics, Angela has been angering critics for her complacency in letting her convicted child molesting daughter be around her grandchildren.

Angela’s priorities lately do not seem to lay with mending the relationship with her husband and seem more like she is staying in the spotlight by showing off her transformed body.

Viewers will have to continue watching the rest of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? this season to find out what else happens between Angela and Michael.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC.

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Mz Lee
Mz Lee
2 years ago

Angela gives not only Americans a bad name, she gives WOMEN a bad name! She wants to know what Michael is doing but she won’t shut up long enough for him to talk. She is rude, crass, unkind, and a total b***h from the wrong side of the ‘country’ – not just the tracks!!! She needs to be taken off TLC instead of being rewarded for her horrid behavior. No amount of plastic surgery is going to make her be anything but what she already is – TRASH!!!