90 Day Fiance viewers react to Tania Maduro’s ‘van life’

Tania Maduro
Tania Maduro has started her “van life,” and 90 Day Fiance viewers are reacting. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance alum Tania Maduro recently shared with fans that she is embarking on a nomadic “van life.”

Tania decided to rent a sprinter van and take a “trial run” before deciding to invest in her own.

Many of her recent posts over the last few days have been about how van life is going, and she has seemed to be pretty happy.

When describing her new chapter, Tania shared a video getting the van and captioned it, “Finally taking steps to make one of my dreams a reality. With how particular and indecisive I am, I decided to rent a couple different vans and give #vanlife a trial run, before investing in my own.”

However, Tania’s van life adventure has been getting mixed reviews from 90 Day viewers, with some thinking her vision is cool while others have called her out as a hypocrite or unstable.

Tania is a cast member on the currently-airing third season of 90 Day: The Single Life. So her time in the spotlight on the show is coinciding with her van life trial.

A 90 Day Fiance meme opened a discussion about Tania Maduro’s van life

A popular 90 Day fan account on Instagram made a meme where they shared a picture of Tania hanging off her new van and jabbed, “Tania lives in a van now. Things are really coming together for her.”

In the caption of the meme, the fan page added, “So both of them (Tania and her estranged-husband Syngin Colchester) still unemployed just separately and nothing’s changed.”

Tania Maduro responded to the meme

Tania herself dropped into the comments of the meme to seemingly defend herself.

She wrote, “Lol I rented a van..”

To which a supporter wrote, “hey live your best. life,” which garnered a “thank you!!” from Tania.

The meme’s creator responded to Tania, saying, “live your best life Tania [kiss face emoji].”

Tania replied by saying, “I’m trying! [laughing/crying and heart emojis].”

Tania Maduro's Instagram comments
Pic credit: @morebiggy/Instagram

90 Day Fiance viewers reacted to Tania’s van life

There were plenty of opinions in the comments of the meme too.

One top comment slammed, “I hope she’s got enough room inside to “EXpLorE [her] Se*uALitY” ??.”

Another popular notion stated, “She bothers me immensely.”

To which another critic added, “agreed! I think it’s funny how she comes down on Syngin for not having it together when she herself is also a homeless gypsy!!!!”

Instagram comments about Tania Maduro
Pic credit: @morebiggy/Instagram

Someone else joked, “Did she sell her mom’s shed to pay for this?”

One supporter encouraged, “Better then paying rent!!” while another fan called Tania’s move the “#americandream.”

Instagram comments about Tania Maduro
Pic credit: @morebiggy/Instagram

What do you think of Tania’s van life?

90 Day: The Single Life airs Mondays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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