90 Day Fiance viewers are on Andrei’s side for once after disastrous family trip plays out on the show

Andrei and Charlie Potthast from 90-day fiance episode.
Charlie insults Andrei in front of his grandfather and accuses him of being lazy. Pic credit: TLC.

90 Day Fiance viewers are bored of the exaggerated drama concerning Andrei Castravet and the Potthast family.

In the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After? Andrei gained the sympathy of his critics following the disastrous family road trip.

Viewers called out the Potthast’s attempt to humiliate Andrei after his first meeting with his wife Libby’s extended family.

Elizabeth and Andrei were introduced in season 5 of the TLC series. Libby met the Moldovan in Dublin, Ireland, while she went on a solo trip. After dating, Andrei moved to the United States to marry Libby, and her family was not on board with the marriage.

90 Day Fiance fans have accused the Pottshast family of playing out scripted drama due to their numerous dramatic shouting matches and the boat fight involving Libby and her sister Becky.

Andrei deals with bickering and fighting during RV trip

During the family RV road trip to see Libby’s extended family in Maryland, Andrei was the designated driver. The outcome of the Moldovan reality TV star crammed up with Libby’s family was predictable.

Potthast critics slammed Andrei for his driving, among other petty complaints, and Becky made a fuss about Andrei talking business with Chuck leading to an intense shouting match.

After they arrived in Libby’s aunt’s house – Aunt Sue, Charlie began to humiliate Andrei by claiming he was “sitting on his ass for three years” and accused him of using his father Chuck for his money.

Libby’s Aunt Sue piled on the criticism of Andrei and suggested that Chuck was self-made. However, Chuck admitted he received a loan from his father to start his business.

Charlie began throwing insults at the Moldovan, only for Andrei to be scolded by Aunt Sue for defending himself.

90 Day Fiance fans say Pottshast family is worse than Andrei

90 Day Fiance viewers took to Reddit to reluctantly defend Andrei, pointing out the cruelty of bringing up financial status and business with Chuck.

A Reddit user wrote the following after watching the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After?

“I have many, many problems with Andrei, but I think it was just cruel to bring up the business concerns and humiliate Andrei like that in front of the grandparents and extended family like that (on their first meeting!). And then the aunt has the nerve scold Andrei for his reaction…”


Another Reddit user slammed the Pottshast family as entitled and rude for piling on Andrei in front of Libby’s grandfather.

“…I cannot believe how rude that was to gang up on Andre in front of Grandpa. Auntie is rude as well. If I were Andre I would have started crying like a baby. Charlie is an idiot with a drinking problem Libbie is ridiculous about the big deal about the baby almost getting hurt and her breaking a nail. She’s an idiot. The entire clan is a bunch of spoiled, jealous children with no manners or respect.”


It appears Chuck is still willing to work with Andrei despite his family’s disapproval. However, it remains to be seen if he gets the $100,000 loan from the Pottshast patriarch.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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Peggy Petit
Peggy Petit
2 years ago

90 day fiance’, Libby your family ought to be ashamed of themselves, poor Andrei. I sure hope this all is for show because if it’s not…..shame on you all. No wonder your mother doesn’t want part of it. ALl I can say now is Andrei is kick ass, take names later!!!!!!!