90 Day Fiance viewers are obsessed with Debbie Aguero’s dramatic pink fur outfit at the Tell All

90 Day Fiance star Debbie Aguero close-up
Debbie Aguero turned heads at the Tell All. Pic credit: TLC

The 90 Day Fiance cast is not exactly known for their fashion, and while they usually clean up nicely for the Tell All, their outfits have never been memorable.

However, Debbie Aguero is changing that as she stepped on the Tell All stage in a dramatic fur outfit that had us gagging, and hopefully cast members will step up their game going forward.

Rocking a sequin dress and a pink fur robe with layers of tulle, Debbie wasn’t done with her ensemble just yet, she also had a matching pink fan –yes, with fur and possibly ostrich feathers.

To top it all off she added stacks of jewelry and green cowgirl boots– the only thing missing was her infamous wide-brimmed hat.

It takes a very confident woman to pull this off, but it didn’t take much effort for Debbie to do that. Take note TLC cast members, this is how you make a statement at the Tell All!

After Part 1 of the highly anticipated event aired last night, viewers instantly took to social media to applaud Debbie for taking that fashion risk.

Tell All host Shaun Robinson was impressed by Debbie Aguero’s dramatic outfit

Debbie made a dramatic statement at the Tell All and she didn’t have to say a word — all she had to do was sit there and look pretty.

People love the unexpected pink outfit that Debbie rocked and even host Shaun Robinson — who has witnessed one boring outfit after another over the years, applauded Debbie for the outfit choice.

When one Twitter user posted a photo of Debbie sitting on the stage and commented on the outfit writing, “Just when I thought I couldn’t love Debbie anymore she shows up to the Tell All wearing this.”

Shaun saw the comment and responded “Yes! When she walked into the studio, she certainly made an impression!”

90 Day Fiance Tell All host, Shaun Robinson on Twitter
Pic credit: @shaunrobinson/Twitter

90 Day Fiance viewers love Debbie Aguero’s pink ensemble

Debbie gave off main character energy at the Tell All last night, and since we’ve already discussed her faceoff with Oussama this post is about her unique sense of style.

Let’s just say, the TLC star got rave reviews from viewers.

“I love her! I would watch a show where Debbie gives life advice and fashion tips,” wrote one commenter.

“Looking beautiful,” added someone else.

One person said, “I wanna be her when I grow up lmfao.”

Another viewer commented, “Hell yeah, Debbie. Showing up like a Queen!”

90 Day Fiance viewers comment on Debbie Aguero's Tell All outfit
Pic credit: @kathikruse @DiscoChrisco @ww2398_@blossomjeangrey @missy6144/Twitter

One Twitter user said, “This is how you age gracefully. She looks amazing for 67 ?? absolutely GORGOUS.”

So tell us, did you love Debbie’s dramatic fur outfit, or are you boring? Because let’s be honest, there’s only one right answer to this question.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 4 Tell All Part 2 airs on Sunday, May 21 at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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