90 Day Fiance UK is happening and fans are shook

90 Day Fiance UK will air later in the year.
Discovery+ announced there would be a 90 Day Fiance UK. Pic credit: Discovery+

90 Day Fiance franchise fans can hardly contain themselves as they have learned that there has been a major casting call for the show across the pond in the United Kingdom. 

The new 90 Day Fiance series will be streamed on Discovery+ and is currently looking for UK citizens who are in a long-distance relationship but ready to walk down the aisle. 

90 Day Fiance UK is looking for couples now!

TLC viewers flocked to a Reddit thread that shared all the juicy details. One user updated fans by writing, “Casting Call for 90 Day Fiance UK!!! Holy Smokes This Is Gonna Be Hotta than Satans House. Looking for people based in the UK who have found love abroad.”

Immediately, 90 Day Fiance fans were speculating who may be on the show and one begged not to see Tom Brooks, Darcey Silva’s ex, writing, “Pls don’t tell me delusional Lord Tom is going to be a part of this spinoff with bobblehead Mariah ?.”

Another thread participant agreed, saying, “I thought the same thing!! I couldn’t stand more of his fake bulls**t!”

Fans don't want to see Tom
Pic credit: Reddit

CPL Productions, who are in charge of finding fresh meat, also posted on Twitter, writing, “SO excited to announce that we are going to be producing a local spinoff of the 90 Day franchise called 90 Day Fiancé UK! It will be coming exclusively to @discoveryplus UK later this year!”

The official account for Discovery+ UK shared that “The wait is OVER! DONE! FINISHED! 90 Day Fiancé UK will be coming exclusively to discovery+ later this year!”

The tweet shared with 90 Day Fiance viewers can “Expect chaos, drama, romance, and tears.”

It is safe to assume that the 90 Day Fiance UK spinoff will follow the same premise as its American counterpart. The episodes will run for one hour, and the season will be 12 episodes long. 

Cameras will follow six couples as they document their challenges navigating the UK fiance visa process.

What is the UK process? 

The fiance visa is called the ‘prospective marriage visa in merry old England. The process can take up to 12 weeks once the application is submitted. If the prospective spouse is from the United States, the American will have to send in their biometrics, including a passport photo and fingerprints. 

The UK paperwork will cost each couple £1,523, and now the UK government is making all applicants pay into the NHS along with their visa application. The surcharge is £470 per year and has to be paid upfront. 

But surely, you can’t put a price on love, even though the application comes with a hefty price tag. But love will conquer all and is worth all the headaches and drama that these new couples will surely entail, right?

The network has yet to release a premiere date, but fans are already getting their popcorn ready for the new show.

90 Day Fiance UK is set to air later this year. 

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