90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Red Wine Recap – This ain’t no Mexican vacation!

90-day fiance The Other Way couple Kenny and Armando ordering food in Mexico
On last night’s episode of 90-Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Kenny had a rude awakening in Mexico. Pic credit: TLC

Monsters and Critics columnist Liz Long recaps 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Season 2, Episode 8, Rude Awakening, with a little help from a glass of pinot (or two) …

Truffles, I don’t think we’re in Florida anymore.

Hello, my 90 Day Lovers and welcome to your Red Wine Recap of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way! This week, Kenny and Armando FINALLY reunite in Mexico, Jihoon is enlightened, and May-Lee-Zah materializes! So pour a glass of your finest Mexican wine or cerveza, grab a “plato” of your favorite snacks, and let’s recap!

Kenny & Armando: This isn’t the Mexico I know

I have to start out with Kenneth and Armando this week because, as I’ve been saying the past two episodes, they are this season’s only saving grace.

90 day fiance armando showing kenny welcome banner
Bienvenidos, Kenny! Pic credit: Lifetime

Armando (FINALLY!) welcomes Kenny to Mexico, and he, of course, has to be all cute about it. Armando has prepared a nice home-cooked dinner, complete with a “Bienvenido A Casa, Kenny” banner that even has a “strange looking” Kenny on it.

Given the adorable shadow box Armando made last week, I wonder if Armando busted out a printing press and made this banner himself or whether he purchased it at the local Kinkos … oh wait, there are no Kinkos in Mexico, you say?

Well, then, my pesos are on Armando and his wizard-like craft skills.

90 day fiance kenny tries the local mexican candy with armando
Pic credit: TLC

Speaking of pesos, the next day, Kenny learns all about Mexican culture as he takes Armando on a drive, where the locations of stop signs are anyone’s guess (are they in trees? on poles? the middle of the road?)! I’m assuming this drive led them to the closest signs of civilization, but it’s not the civilization Kenny is used to.

“This candy looks like a blood clot.” …. “She’s using her bare hands to cook.” … “I hope I don’t get sick here!” …. “Do they only serve Mexican food?”

Cue the random guy who speaks perfect English: “What did you think they had? Italian?!”

Now, normally, this kind of culture shock “griping” would be annoying and I’d yell at my TV, what did you expect!? You’re not in the US, anymore! But with Kenny and Armando, it is somehow adorable and hilarious, all at the same time.

90 day fiance kenneth makes his first purchase in Mexico
“Tell her it was my first pesos!” says Kenneth. Pic credit: TLC

Armando endearingly describes Kenny as “dramatic,” while Kenny interjects “Cautious!”

We will see whether this cautious nature wears on Armando over time or whether the culture shock is too much for Kenny, but my pesos are still on this couple going the distance. Just so long as Kenny can find some candy without dust on it.

The next most entertaining portion of the episode came in the form of one down-and-out Jihoon and one enabling — or was it “tough love” — mother.

Jihoon & Deavan His Come-to-Jesus Moment

We didn’t see Deavan this episode (hopefully, she’s doing an outfit change), but we did see a lovely little interaction between Jihoon and his mom that went something like this:
90 day fiance's Jihoon saying he feels like a loser
Pic credit: TLC
Oh, Jihoon. He just can’t get it right, can he? At first, his mom almost enables him, telling him that all Korean men are like that. Then, she pulls this one:
90 day fiance jihoon's mom tells him to stop crying
“It’s not like you’re 70, Jihoon.” Pic credit: TLC
Now I don’t know whether to feel sorry for Jihoon in this moment or what, but I think he is going to walk out of this meeting a better man … or , at least, I hope?
“Snap out of it!” she yells. “Answer me loudly!” she demands. Replies a barely audible Jihoon: “Uh-huh.”

As Jihoon walks around South Korea with his tail between his legs, we hear another round of yelling all the way from Jordan, compliments of Brittany!

Brittany & Yazan: ‘I’m really off to a bad start.’

90 day fiance the other way couple Brittany and Yazan fighting in car
“I never want to see your parents again!” Pic credit: TLC

You guys, has it seriously only been one day since Brittany has arrived in Jordan? It can’t be. I mean, it feels like it has been an eternity. Man, she’s really good at stretching time out, isn’t she?

As you’ll recall, last week, Yazan’s parents yelled at Brittany for her deviant ways, and now, it’s Brittany’s turn to yell at Yazan in his car full of suitcases! But before you yell back and tell her to “Hollis!” Yazan, for the love of all that is good, PULL THE CAR OVER! I am seriously scared for these people, you guys. A little car … suitcases stacked so the eye can’t see in a rear-view … and did I mention it’s pouring down rain, pitch-black outside, and Yazan hasn’t looked at the road once?!?

Brittany laments, “I’m really off to a bad start in Jordan,” and I’m thinking, “that might be the biggest understatement of the year, sweetie.” [Note, I did NOT call you baby, Brittany.]

But once Yazan takes Brittany to their new apartment, all is right in Jordan again. Yazan is calling Brittany “babe” with no push-back, and Brittany is soaking in her “cute” apartment. (And it IS cute if not downright swanky!)

90 day fiance Brittany and Yazan in a nice apartment
Where has this swanky apartment been hiding on 90-day Fiance? Pic credit: TLC

We are not quite at perfection, though, because Yazan can’t stay the night despite Brittany’s wishes. Also, Brittany has a fake eyelash that has been on the verge of falling off ever since she left Yazan’s parents. Other than that, we are just peachy over here! Oh wait, I forgot that one other little thing … Brittany still hasn’t told Yazan or his parents that she’s married. I’m afraid not even Yazan’s “voice of reason” uncle can salvage this one.

Jenny & Sumit: Still with the PAPERS?!

How long are we going to stretch out seeing a set of divorce papers, TLC? Three weeks you say? Okay. Glad that’s settled. I am about as sick of hearing the word “papers” come out of Jenny’s mouth as I’m sick of hearing Tim say “KOH-lumbia.” Ugh.

90 Day Fiance couple Jenny and Sumit talk to a divorce attorney
Please show her the papers! Pic credit: TLC

Although we didn’t quite see the papers this episode, our minds — I mean, Jenny’s mind — just might … and I say MIGHT … be put at ease this episode.

We met Sumit’s divorce attorney. And he’s as real as much as he is confusing! “You can’t see the papers because they are not public.” One second later: “Oh yes, I provide them.” Also Sumit’s divorce attorney: “The divorce could take 1-5 years.” In the same breath, “But this case, parties cooperate so it’s 5 months.”


Pic credit: Giphy

It’s a good thing you got a fresh haircut, Sumit, because Jenny might have left your butt a long time ago. Ah, who am I kidding. She traveled to India more than once despite having any proof of divorce. Oh yeah, the divorce attorney also dropped this little gem on Jenny: “If Sumit’s parents provide sound reason for you not to marry Sumit, then there’s no marriage.”

I would discuss how Jenny asked whether taking Sumit’s virginity is considered “sound reason” but I prefer not to re-live that… Dangit to heck!

Tim & May-Lee-Zah: She exists!

90 day fiance malyza gets her hair dyed pink
Pic credit: TLC
So it seems Tim always falls at the bottom of my recaps. I could guess why that is, but I won’t bore you with those reasons. (See what I did there?)
Thankfully, this episode, we finally meet May-Lee-Zah and her pink hair! We also see just about every photo ever taken of her and a slightly more svelte Tim. We discover that May-Lee-Zah’s mom wears a face mask, but only because she’s frosting May-Lee-Zah’s tips. And, finally, we learn that mom won’t go to the airport tomorrow to meet Tim because Tim did her daughter dirty with the cheating scandal.
Snoooze. Snoooze. Snoooze.
Next week, we see that Armando doesn’t do PDA, which Kenny interprets as rejection (Noooooo!!). May-Lee-Zah and Tim reunite (zzzzzzzz). And Ari’s mom inspects local hospital conditions (yikes!). Now I don’t know if I’m just getting spoiled lately with the new season of Married at First Sight and all the excitement it’s bringing to me and my recaps (shameless plug), but I sure hope next week’s 90 Day is a bit livelier! Or at least full of Armando, Kenneth, AND Hannah! Am I right? Til’ next week, my 90 Day Lovers!

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way airs Monday nights at 9/8c on TLC.

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Kim George
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