90 Day Fiance: Thais reflects on her first day in the U.S, says she ‘couldn’t be happier’

90 Day Fiance star Thais Ramone reflects on how happy she was during her first trip to the U.S.
Thais Ramone reflects on her first trip to see her fiance Patrick Mendes. Pic credit: TLC

Thais Ramone and her fiance Patrick Mendes were featured on 90 Day Fiance after all the other couples made their debut. And now, the Brazilian native is happy that viewers will get to see her journey to the U.S after years of waiting to reunite with Patrick.

Thais recently shared a post on social media reflecting on her first day in America and admitted it was a very happy moment.

She also thanked her fiance for his efforts in getting her to the U.S and noted that the process was quite difficult.

Thais and Patrick’s storyline is just starting to play out on the TLC show. However, there’s already tension brewing between Thais and Patrick’s brother. Furthermore, the 25-year-old caused red flags to go off with viewers after she lied to her dad about her intentions in going to the U.S.

It’s early days yet, but there might be a lot of drama in Thais and Patrick’s future. For now, however, she’s reflecting on the happy moments.

Thais Ramone reflects on her journey to the U.S

The 90 Day Fiance star shared an Instagram message about her arrival in the U.S after the latest episode showed her trip from Brazil.

Thais shared images from her first day, including one of her and fiance Patrick driving from the airport and another photo of the beautiful flowers he gave her.

“First day in the United States and I couldn’t be happier and feel so blessed to have made it!” wrote Thais in her post. “Only those who know me know how hard it was to get here, it was [two] years waiting for it.”

“Imagine being engaged to someone and never having the opportunity to know their home, country, friends, family,” she added.

Thais thanks her fiance Patrick for his support during the visa process

Before ending her post, Thais also gave a shout-out to her fiance Patrick and admitted that he was “so amazing on this journey.”

She was especially grateful to him for not allowing her to give up during the challenging moments as they endured the K-1 visa process.

“When I thought I wouldn’t make it anymore, he said, ‘I’ll always come back there for you,” noted Thais in her post.

Thais might be happy to have Patrick in her life, but her father feels the exact opposite. That is why the 25-year-old didn’t reveal her intentions to marry him in the latest 90 Day Fiance episode.

Thais’s dad got emotional before she left for America, and she later explained that she kept the secret from him because he doesn’t like Patrick, and to make matters worse, Patrick has no idea.

We can’t wait to see how this storyline unfolds when the truth is finally revealed.

90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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