90 Day Fiance: Stephanie reveals her secret and it’s a big one!

90 Day Fiance personality Stephanie admits to a big secret.
Stephanie admits to sleeping with Ryan’s cousin while the pair was briefly broken up on the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance’s newest season is proving to be just as dramatic as fans had hoped it would be.

One of Season 8’s newcomers, Stephanie Davison, and her relationship with Belize native, Ryan Carr, is shaping up to be a wild ride, too.

In the latest episode, while meeting with a psychic, Stephanie shared a secret that shocked fans.

Stephanie confessed to sleeping with Ryan’s cousin

While sitting with the psychic, Stephanie admitted that she had been unfaithful to Ryan, although the pair was on a break.

Unfortunately for Ryan, the man Stephanie slept with was none other than his cousin, Harris.

“When I was there, about a year and a half ago, I caught him again on the phone with three different women. I threw Ryan out that night and I was crying. Right after, his cousin, Harris, called me and I slept with his cousin,” she admitted.

“Basically it was over between Ryan and I,” She continued to explain. “You know me, I’m just, I’m such an honest person and again, I would have never slept with his cousin had I not found, you know, all of those other texts and everything.”

Stephanie also admitted that the reason she ultimately slept with Harris was that she was hurt by finding out that Ryan had been speaking to other women.

“I was angry about so many things that night and Harris is just such a loving person, I mean, he really truly cares. And I said I’m gonna be getting on a plane tomorrow. I’m going home. I can’t deal with this and he [said], ‘No, no, no, no, stay. Let me come, let me come visit. You know, one thing led to another with Harris,” Stephanie claimed.

However, it turned out that she and Ryan weren’t quite over after all, which further complicated matters.

Ryan and Stephanie ended up back together

“And then, after that, Ryan and I end up back together but I’ve never told him about Harris. I have been holding this secret from Ryan,” she further admitted.

The psychic told Stephanie that she may want to consider telling Ryan the truth before Harris does.

“You guys both have a lot to come clean about,” she said to Stephanie. “And Harris is probably gonna be blabbing at some point. You know, obviously, you may have to say something.”

Although it’ll be tough to come clean, Stephanie confesses that she may still need to tell him the truth.

“This would kill Ryan to know. But if I’m gonna bring him to the United States with the K-1 visa, I want to move forward with a clean slate. So I need to come clean about his cousin, Harris.”

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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