90 Day Fiance spoilers: Paul Staehle posts and deletes angry rant aimed at Karine

Paul shared an angry post about his wife on Instagram
Paul Staehle posts and deletes angry rant aimed at Karine. pic credit: TLC

Something happened between Paul Staehle and wife Karine that led to an angry rant from the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After star.

The 35-year-old is known for his random outbursts of anger, which seems to be triggered by the smallest of incidences.

In the latest episode of the TLC reality show, we saw this on full display during a car ride with wife Karine, son Pierre, and his mom.

As the baby fussed in the back, Karine briefly removed him from the car seat to calm him, but Paul blew a gasket when he realized what was happening.

Even after Karine returned the baby to the car seat, Paul was still arguing about it and eventually bolted from the vehicle.

Both his mom and Karine noted that he loved drama, and though he may have been right in this instance, he is known for blowing situations way out of proportion.

This may have been the case with his most recent rant on social media.

Paul shares angry post on Instagram

The Happily Ever After season 5 alum wrote a lengthy post aimed at wife Karine and shared it on his Instagram stories.

The message starts, “Yelling at me in public calling me horrible father and husband.”

Paul continued, “We spend every penny we have on bills and designer clothes and video games for you. I did not buy anything for myself.”

“I take you to the hospital and stay by your side, make sure you’re at all your doctor’s appointments, and let you spend all your money only on what you want, but I am a Bad Father and Husband…”

He also shared, “I change every poopy diaper. Even when I am not home, and you call me to come home just to change his diaper because the smell of poop makes you sick.”

Paul posts and deletes message
Pic credit: @uncensored90daylal/Instagram

It’s not clear what triggered this angry outburst.

Paul must have calmed down and had a change of heart because he soon removed the post.

Karine was recently hospitalized

Just yesterday, we shared an update from Paul – after Karine, who is now pregnant with their second child – was hospitalized.

The TLC alum didn’t reveal the reason for Karine’s hospital stay, but he did express gratitude to the medical team at the Norton Women’s & Children’s Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky.

He also assured fans that everything was fine and that Karine is okay.

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3 years ago

Paul needs the ass whooping of a lifetime and I am happy to take care of that, and the girl needs to find a man, not a child