90 Day Fiance spoilers: David has talked to the same Maria as Caesar — At the same time!

David and Caesar
David and Caesar both dated Maria. Pic credit: TLC

David Murphey and Caesar Mack are two guys who have dated women from Ukraine on the 90 Day Fiance franchise.

Interestingly, both stories started with them trying to meet the women, only to be stood up repeatedly. In fact, when comparing their stories, there are many similarities.

While Caesar would learn that Maria was a real person on the 90 Day Fiance Tell All special during Season 3, many viewers were under the impression that Lana could be a catfish.

However, the two have more in common than just an interest in Ukrainian women. They have both chatted with the same person, who happens to be Caesar’s ex-girlfriend.

David and Caesar have both dated the mysterious Maria

When asked about whether he has seen Maria on the dating sites he’s been on, David admits that he has. He has even talked to her for about 30 minutes. Caesar is listening in on the call, hearing what David is sharing.

David reveals that he talked to her about five years ago, which is the same time that Caesar was talking to her.

During the brief conversation, he reveals that he felt she was high maintenance. It was more than what he liked, so they didn’t talk more than those 30 minutes.

When Caesar is asked about David speaking to Maria, he explains it is common for guys to speak to several women on the websites to see who would be the best fit.

He essentially hints he was also chatting with several women at that time.

You can see the conversation below.


Both David and Caesar have moved on from her

David’s conversation with Maria took place about five years ago, which means he chatted with her when he was talking to Lana as well. He has revealed that the two have talked for seven years.

What we know now is that Lana is actually a real person, and you’ll get to meet her in a few episodes. This was another leak that happened, and the clip of her showed up on Instagram.

During the Tell All, it sounds like David confirms they are together and happy.

As for Caesar, he has also moved on from Maria, and he’s dating someone new.

But during his brief appearance on 90 Day Fiance: Self-Quarantine, Caesar claimed he actually met Maria when he flew back to Ukraine to meet her in person.

When asked about pictures of them together, he said that they were deleted from his phone and that he didn’t realize they were gone until he was on the plane.

Viewers don’t believe him, believing instead that he’s lying about the whole trip and meeting Maria.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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