90 Day Fiance spoilers: Are Stacey and Florian still together today after all their relationship drama

Stacey and Florian
Stacey and Florian have had some significant relationship drama leading fans to wonder if they are still together today. Pic credit: TLC

Stacey Silva and Florian Sukaj’s relationship status has come into question as the teaser trailer for Season 2 of Darcey & Stacey has been released.

The trailer shows a clip of Florian explaining to Stacey that he wants to have kids with her, and at 46 years old, Stacey shared her concerns about having kids. She expressed, in a private interview, her fears that if she can’t give Florian a baby that he would ultimately leave her. Stacey already has two kids of her own from a previous relationship.

On Season 1 of Darcey & Stacey, Florian came to America on the K-1 visa and they had to get married within 90 days. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, they decided to elope and get married even quicker, but they still had deep relationship issues that had not been dealt with.

Unresolved issues aside, Stacey posted a photo of Florian to her Instagram story and it looked like they were out for drinks or dinner.

Florian’s past transgressions may have been forgiven

Pictures surfaced of Florian with another woman and Florian became combative and enraged when Stacey would ask for an explanation. The woman in question kept putting out more photos and videos of them and the problem between Stacey and Florian got bigger.

While Florian never fully explained what happened, Stacey chose to bury the past and move forward together.

With trust depleted due to Florian’s repeated lies and omissions, it’s possible that more bad things could be discovered throughout the course of this next season.

For Stacey to feel comfortable enough to post a loving photo of Florian, however, it could point to the fact that they are in a good place despite any drama that may take place on Season 2 of Darcey & Stacey.

Just because Stacey posted a picture of Florian to her Instagram story, does not mean that they don’t have underlying relationship problems.

Stacey posted a photo of Florian to her Instagram story, which means that they are still togehter.

Season 2 of Darcey & Stacey looks like it will be turbulent

The teaser trailer for the upcoming season of Darcey & Stacey looks like it will have no shortage of drama as the Silva twins try and navigate their relationships, clothing line, and family.

It looks like Stacey will cause some drama between Darcey and Georgi by saying something that angered Georgi and made him have a bad reaction that made Darcey mad.

This new season will go in-depth about the new and old issues that Darcey and Stacey have and will follow their relationship drama.

Darcey and Stacey Season 2 is set to premiere Summer 2021 on TLC.

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